Here Is What Skyrim Could Look Like In Unreal Engine

DSOGaming writes: "Artist ‘Ryan Watkins’ has released a number of screenshots from his WIP map that is being created in Unreal Engine. These latest images show detailed open-world environments, and give us a glimpse at what a Skyrim game could look like in Epic’s engine."

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nucky641506d ago

I don't care what an elder scrolls game could look like....I'm going to be happy if they can get the next one out without it being infested with bugs.

denawayne1506d ago

And better combat
And better AI
And better Physics
And better NPC interaction

YellowTempes1506d ago

sequels are always better in all those perspectives you mentioned.

denawayne1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

@YellowTempes - Are sure about that? Skyrim was very similar to Oblivion in all the categories I mentioned (imo). Yes, Skyrim was overall a better game but not much better than Oblivion. Same engine...same everything

thekhurg1505d ago


Skyrim wasn't.


I really don't see why the author made the title about Skyrim, the artist only named his work: Environment Work: https://forums.unrealengine...


And BTW the thread exists for a long long time, he just updated more work.

DSOGaming is really looking desperately for free hits. No wonder it is called Dark Side Of gaming.

inveni01505d ago

This map really isn't even that nice. Plus, it's only landscape views. Who knows what it looks like at ground level?

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DougLord1505d ago

SKYRIM was LEAGUES better then Oblivion in every regard. Oblivion was the 1st crappy ES game. Going into those hell portals was SOOOOO boring. GFX were horrible in the plane of Oblivion. Problem is Morrowind was a hell of a lot better then both. Best plot, best side plots, best characters. The ability to leap frog over mountains and make spells so powerful the literally broke the game. Actually in that area Daggerfall was the best. Become a vampire. Create a regen spell more powerful then the sun damage - be invincible!

1505d ago
Haki11121505d ago

if you ask me Oblivion had a waaaaaay better crafting system than skyrim

LookAtYou1505d ago

Like it was unplayable or didn't give gamers over 100's of hours worth of gameplay exploration and customization. Some people I tell you hwat. If there was one game worth the full price tag last gen it damn sure was Skyrim.

nucky641505d ago

i'll take demon souls any day of the week over skyrim...but that's me.

That_Guy2u21505d ago

it was fine on the xbox XP

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CorndogBurglar1506d ago


Those are far away, scenic shots.

Show us what it could look like down on the ground, in a wooded area with moving goblins and animals running around. If it still looks this good, THEN i'll be impressed.

YellowTempes1506d ago

And maybe he can hire a team of 100 people from his pockets to do what you're saying??

CorndogBurglar1505d ago

Yeah, that would be pretty impressive too. If he could fit 100 people in his pockets? Seriously. Could you imagine the size of those pockets?

All I'm saying is that those screenshots are not that impressive. Its okay if you are impressed by them. But I am not.

LookAtYou1505d ago

It already looks as good if not better than this...on PC.

Nerdmaster1506d ago

Did anyone here play Lichdom: Battlemage? If the next Elder Scrolls game has something like that battle system, it would be incredible!

lameguy1506d ago

What a garbage article. The guy using UE4 is just experimenting with various things (check their forums) and posting various shots so everyone can learn/comment.

The article, however, somehow throws in the word 'Skyrim' for some cheap hits...


Look at my comment above. Bubbles up.

CaptainPunch1505d ago

DSOGaming is what's wrong with video game journalism and writing, all their articles are click-bait. Plus that site looks like it was designed in 2004.


The only for this site to exist is to glorify the fictional Alien PCS those PC Crybabies don't even have and just to downplay the PS4, try show them how good PS4 games look, they will remove your comment.

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