Walmart Offers Pre-Orders for White PS4, PlayStation TV

Did you want to make sure you got one of the white PlayStation 4 consoles included in the Destiny bundle? Or perhaps you were more interested in the PlayStation TV, that wonderful device that allows users to play Vita games and Remote Play on a television? Not everyone likes going to GameStop in order to pre-order stuff though. Thankfully, Walmart has given us another option.

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vongruetz2491d ago

Mine is pre-ordered already (PS TV) and I can not wait for October 14 to get here.

jujubee882491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

On Amazon? I have mine pre-ordered as well, but not fully paid.

Maybe I should go with my local Walmart to save any time and mailing complications (i.e. I might not be home when it gets delivered).

Yaay4me2491d ago

Im preordering this weekend. Hope Im not too late.

xHeavYx2491d ago

That's the PS4/Destiny bundle, nothing new about that