Titanfall Update 6 Game Mode Removes Main Game Concept

The new Titanfall 6 update will introduce a surprising new game mode called Pilot Skirmish. The new Featured Game Mode is an 8v8 mode but with no AI and no Titans. Straight up pilot vs. pilot. So Titanfall with no falling Titans - doesn't that remove most of what made the original game concept?

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incendy352481d ago

Personally I can't see myself playing that mode very much. But a lot of the internet was very vocal about having pilot only matches. Gotta listen to the customers "babies" :D

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

They wanted no bots all players,but no titans is quite silly. It will literally be just COD

4Sh0w2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

nah, not like COD, even playing as a pilot with wall running and jetpacks always feels different than COD to me, people always just want to strip away every mechanic to label it as COD with "___" but its different enough and that's so easy to oversimplify any game in the same genre and make that statement.

That said, yeah I probably won't play this mode much, when I play Titanfall I want to play with TITANS involved, even if I enjoy being on foot more, Titans add another layer to the gameplay so I don't really get the desire for this mode.

It's just an option though so no harm, no foul.

thekhurg2481d ago

Maybe without the Titans and bots and just pilots the framerate and screen tearing can be fixed.

incendy352481d ago

I wish COD played like Titanfall Pilots. Especially the wall running and wall hanging.

PONTIAC08G8GT2481d ago

Sorry but I play TF to play with Titans, not run around trying to just kill pilots all game. Basically removing what makes Titanfall.......Titanfall.


I agree the Titans are the best part

tgunzz2481d ago

It doesn't remove, it just adds more options (it a game mode)... I can only play titan fall the traditional way, but I am sure that there will be a good amount of TF gamers engaging this mode.

theRell2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

It's what people wanted. The game gets negatively criticized for having AI during multiplayer, they offer a game mode with AI. What comes next, more negative criticism. It's just an option.

700p2481d ago

Exactly. Its a smart move by respawn.

Droidbro2481d ago

Title is another flaim/click bait lie. How does adding an optional new game mode remove main concept of game?

MCTJim2481d ago

so they can flame the game. You know, those who are the have nots...its just amazing that this game is still in the top 10/20 in terms of staying power!! I think this game rocks!!

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The story is too old to be commented.