Assassin’s Creed Unity; Ubisoft make a next-gen game already Assassin's Creed Unity might be the next-gen after all. Should it be delayed until the next-gen game is truly made? Give us a next-gen game already!


Clarification: Unity is only delayed a few weeks as mentioned in the beginning of the article. The comment about the development team having an extra month is about their estimated time before the game goes gold. Developers can make downloadable updates, but it cannot remake portions. When the game is gold (placed on a disk) there are limitations to updates. This article represents my excitement for the game, but additionally my worries I have for another game promoted as "next-gen". As I stated in the article it has been reported to have next-gen features, but so have may other releases. I just want a developer to finally release the game we all say "Hey, that was the game that changed everything on [insert system here]". Regardless of your view, let me know what you think! Thank you!

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skulz72481d ago

Its a two week delay to make the game better. I wish people would stop whining about two weeks.

robavila952481d ago

So, 30,000 AI, seamless indoor/outdoor exploration, seamless online co-op free roam, totally revamped parkour and combat mechanics, and the sheer size of the map itself are not enough to consider this title as next-gen? :/

Also, they delayed the launch by two weeks, not one month. I doubt they could dramatically change any core mechanics in such a short window of time; they basically need that time for polishing. Besides, no one has played the game yet, so there's no base to say that the AI is totally dumb and that that should deem it unworthy as a next-gen title. (You can't really judge the AI on current gameplay missions as most are earlier builds)

I feel like the author's opinion on the matter shifts multiple times in the same article (Look at this awesome next-gen feature! But Ubisoft should delay until it's next-gen!)

Poor guys at Ubi can't win I guess...

skulz72481d ago

This 100%

I feel so bad for the AC team. The amount of work that goes into recreating a historical open world every year is astonishing yet people join hate bandwagons.

Kilo_Brown2481d ago

Alright guys,

As I said in the post. I love the AC series. My point was simple; I would like Ubisoft to take their time (as much as needed). Not saying I hate the game. I know the game has many next-gen features. Additionally, I said the development team has an extra month based on when the game goes gold. The first sentence refers to the extra couple of weeks we have to wait.

In short, delay until they truly believe they have the next-gen game. If that is Nov 11, then it will be awesome!

Keep gaming


Allsystemgamer2481d ago

You know this title went into development nearly 4 years ago right?