4chan’s Vivian James Presents Women In Game Design - Anna Kipnis

It must make certain people burn inside knowing that the group that has been labeled as rampant misogynist are doing more pro-feminist work to raise awareness and support equality in game culture than the people attacking them. Strange times, eh? Well, 4chan and The Fine Young Capitalists are continuing to move forward with the “Vivian James Presents” series, which is a short video featurette for various prominent females in the gaming industry, and this episode focuses on design programmer Anna Kipnis from Double Fine.

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pwnsause_returns2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

F**k Zoe Quinn and F**k all the scumbags that support this snake. also F**k the journalists who claim they are journalists when their integrity as at the toilet when they are making deals under the table (that includes sexual acts)!!!!!!!

Dee_912483d ago

Ahem. Might I add, F**K the gaming sites and devs that continue to try to defend her and try to shame gamers that hate her and her cronies, and F**K the gaming sites that refuse to actually address the issues. lastly F**K them for portraying feminist as nothing but toilet paper thin skin brats that can't differentiate obvious trolling from criticism, !!!!

It sucks that all of this nonsense surrounds an actual good cause

Majin-vegeta2483d ago

Ok can someone tell me wth is going on??I'm lost

Godmars2902483d ago

Just the identification and short bibliography of someone in the gaming industry, at Double Fine to be precise, who just so happens to be a woman.

-Foxtrot2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Yeah I thought I had it but I'm lost

I get the Zoe Quinn part but what's all this then?

Is this little series 4 chan is supporting a cover for all the shit Zoe has caused....a way to cover up and ignore what it's brought into the spotlight or is it just covering up what some members of the 4 Chan community did by calling her?

I don't get this whole thing the Fine Young Capitalists are doing, what's the big deal over focusing on female gamers all of a sudden

pwnsause_returns2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Heres whats going on

and heres Pt.2:

Heres a crazy overblown version of it:

Godmars2902483d ago

No. As I understand it, this is directly about a group of female indie game devs had planned to put together a support jam in order to create, oddly enough, games. Those without the needed talent would come up with ideas which those with talent would make real. At next to little to no charge or at least until the game was made and had managed to make money.

Then enter Quinn who, despite this being an act of general creative support first and foremost, demanded to to be paid. When she didn't get her way she then sabotaged that effort then went off to create her own, which has gather finances which go directly to her w/o any real accountability. Her own project could just disappear and the money's gone.

4Chan just came to the aid of the original - honest - group.

WilliamUsher2483d ago

Godmars290 has it correct.

Just to annex that point, 4chan is going a step further by collaborating with The Fine Young Capitalists to show support for female game designers in the media.

Right now the narrative from game media is that anyone supporting TFYC or 4chan are rampant misogynistic rape-apologists.

It's a little hard to keep levying that association against gamers when they're actively now supporting and promoting female game designers, female game jams and female protagonists within the game industry.

The idea is that this helps change the narrative because right now it's being spread throughout ALL of media (including those in Hollywood and television) that anyone who isn't on the side of the extremist SJWs is misogynistic and a rape-apologist.

I wish I was making this up but it's all happening right now and if you type in a certain burger & fries individual into google, just look up what the articles are saying about the gaming community at the moment.

Sad times. Also, try to spread the word about TFYC for the reasons Godmars290 mentioned, because if any reputable outlet did their research and a full story they would bring out the corruption that led to them being shutdown in the first place.

-Foxtrot2483d ago

Ahhhh...alright I get it now. Thanks guys

-Foxtrot2483d ago

JESUS...after reading more into, I REALLY get it

I mean I knew Zoe Quinn was a lying snake with boobies but Jesus, she's done some horrible things to people in this industry

How corrupt is the gaming industry...and this is just ONE thing. This has been a real eye opener

This sexism card has got a grip on this industry, not to mention all the high up, paid journalists seem to stick by one another.

Mega242483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

We need a Robocop for the gaming industry, clearing out the corrupted like this snake who's name should not be named.

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gigoran2483d ago

That is fantastic! But please for the love of god... never even dream about giving Zoe Quinn even the slightest bit of attention with your project. Even out the kindness of your heart. No way in the world does she deserve any kind of promotion.

But I have a question. It's been rattling my brain. You have all seen her pictures right? How in the world did she hook up with 5 guys? I mean... were they blind or something?

RexDD2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

We can't just stand by and let Zoe Quinn get away with it, we have to expose her to as many people as possible. Everyone needs to know that Zoe is a horrible person.

DJ2483d ago

Good to see 4Chan standing up against the false accusations ZQ made against them. Never ever thought that was possible, but last week's events were unprecedented.

RexDD2483d ago

For anyone that doesn't understand what's going on with the Zoe Quinn situation:

Heres whats going on:

and heres Pt.2:

Heres a crazy overblown version of it:

(Copy pasted from @pwnsause_returns)