#GamerGate: An Interview With The Fine Young Capitalists

Today I sat down with the people behind the Fine Young Capitalists to talk about what they stand for, their recent project to get games created by women into the market place, and their involvement with controversial figure, Zoe Quinn.

Their most recent project has been a contest in which women submitted ideas for games. The winner, who is being voted on right now from five possible candidates, will have their game made and released to the public.

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Blacktric2513d ago

This is the most important part;

"Zoe wanted us to deny that she had doxxed us, we said we wouldn’t lie but would make a statement. Zoe then proceeded to bribe us by saying that she would speak about us at PAX if we made the statement. We didn’t take her up on the offer but said we’d make a statement which she’d approve."

viperman2402512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

At least the truth is out, very few articles have covered the truth in this whole thing.

Sadly the manifesto the ex released was made to make people question Zoe and not to fully trust her.

This is more of that "trust" in action.

Im surprised this is so low on the heat rating, this should be a lot hotter.

Dee_912512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

The truth has been out for the longest.. well the truth kept getting deleted on various sites but its been out there.I don't think this wont change a thing. People are still going to get labeled misogynist and sexist for agreeing with #GamerGate
Also to stay up to date with these happenings keep up with this site

take that back about it not changing a thing. Adam Baldwin just retweeted the article, so its getting a lot of exposure...
Hopefully people read it before labeling its misogynist babble.