The Fine Young Capitalists Video Examines Gender Role Tropes In Games

The Fine Young Capitalists decided to offer up their own form of critical analysis about the issues and they’re even nice enough to leave the discussion threads open for debates; meaning, you don’t have to just agree with what they say.

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Trigger_War2513d ago

I think this is essentially true, but I am not sure how much I like the term "patriarchy". The gender roles in are society are not somehow dictated by men in particular; they are passed down by both men and women from generation to generation.

A feminist who have you call women passing down these roles "internalized misogyny" but that is bullshit. For those women, passing down these social norms are either a matter of course or simply the recognition that the "patriarchy" benefits certain women as well (specifically those that are beautiful and thus are most heavily rewarded while doing no work).

Bimkoblerutso2513d ago

I agree, it's not like my Mother never threw around the "act like a man" card all through my youth. You hear women saying that shit to men all the time.

The reason these debates never go anywhere is because they are essentially sexist in and of themselves. We all have to realize that sexism is a product of both sexes pushing their sense of idealism upon the rest of society. It's not as easy as pinning everything on one side for not wanting the other side to be in the same "club."