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Cindy-rella2492d ago

sounds too much like "the time is now, Playstaion Now".

they should get a better slogan

pcz2492d ago

they need new games, not new slogans. good games too

Neonridr2492d ago

pretty sure there are plenty of good games, but if you want to act like there are none..

tinparron2492d ago

Do Wii U commercials even show on TV? Since it's launch, I have never seen a commercial on tv for it. Granted, I rarely watch tv, just curious. I just figure if they did plenty of advertising on tv, I'd hear more people talking about it

RSKnight2492d ago

I watch TV almost daily and can tell you that since Wii U's launch I've seen a Wii U commercial only ONCE. And Nintendo wonders why it doesn't sell. I still remember Wii commercials everywhere with the two japanese guys arriving to a random house in a white/blue Smart and saying the words "Wii would like to play". I don't understand why Nintendo didn't try something like that again with the Wii U, that was a great marketing campaign.

BiggerBoss2492d ago

I Have NEVER seen a Wii U commercial. I see Xbox one commercials constantly, and occasionally a Ps4 commercial like the diablo and destiny ones. Nintendo REALLY needs to step up on the marketing

slivery2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I question how many people actually watch TV anymore, because everything I watch is on the internet now. I can't stand TV, so many god damn commercials and it cost more than it does to have internet for a bunch of crappy channels you never even watch.

I do know Nintendo had a lot of commercials for the Wii U on the web, Hulu aired Wii U commercials non-stop for a long while with NSMBU, Lego Batman and Just Dance.

I think the problem with that though it wasn't advertised well really because they showed nothing but kids with the NSMBU and Lego Batman commercials and then for the Just Dance commercial they showed grandmas dancing. They didn't bother advertising any of their better games or more mature games.

I just think when you are trying to sell a product it is good to appeal to as many people as possible not just grandmas and kids. Games like Just Dance and Lego Batman don't really appeal to a huge audience and for NSMBU they could have shown more people enjoying the game other than kids with their parents.

Regardless it was poorly marketed, I just know they tried in other venues than cable television and I think at least that was a smart move but a wasted effort on their behalf.

2492d ago
DC7772492d ago

I only ever seen them on kids channels like Nic.

DC7772491d ago

Actually true no point in arguing lol. I wish it weren't.

randomass1712492d ago

I've seen Pikmin and Mario 3D World commercials but not much else.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago

I still prefer the sound of "Come get U some!", personally...

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