Metro Dev: Kinect GPU Boost Isn't Actually 10%, DX12 To Be Important For Xbox One

4A Games, which recently released Metro Redux, explains that the "Kinect GPU Boost" isn't actually worth 10% most of the time.

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ccgr2494d ago

Curious what DX12 will do for them

kaiserfranz2494d ago

It should bring an improvement, although not that large.

Sethry1012494d ago

It has been stated that its biggest benefits will be seen on PC, as well as increasing the ease of cross development. Increasing The Xbox One power will be a very minor bonus and is not the main goal anyway.

Volkama2494d ago

The full interview has already been posted. You should read it, it's very interesting.

sonarus2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

esram, cpu overclock, the cloud, gpu boost and dx12. By their powers combined they might form voltron or captain planet but somehow ps4 still remains most powerful console

UltraNova2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


Hahah good one! When it comes to multi-platform games though that extra grunt in the ps4 is MIA.

Its like any Batman vs Superman showdown where either one could on Gods green earth can a smart human with fancy gadgets beat a super powered planet destroying alien?

Answer: Parity.

Why alienate fans by doing the obvious when you can cater both fences equally and gain more in the process?

Disclaimer: I prefer Batman over Superman any day, any time. However, the truth is the truth.

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Mithan2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It will improve performance significantly. The disparity between PS4 and Xbox One games as we saw with the first batch of games, should mostly go away.

Obviously, the PS4 is still going to have an edge, but not like it did with Call of Duty last year... that was terrible and clearly due to a really bad API for the X1.

Still, PS4 is more powerful. Done.

Flamingweazel2493d ago

No it wont even Phil spencer said it won't...Th GPU is too weak and DX1`2 will help more with CPU optimization, another pipe dream for x1 owners. You cannot overcome a hardware diff without better hardware. PS:: PS4 SDk will also improve.

JMyers2493d ago

You know that DX12 will also bring benefits to the PS4 right?

Also just like the X1, developers will also be extracting more from the PS4. One doesn't sit in a bubble, while the other gets enhanced.

There is no substitute for hardware.

larrysdirtydrawss2493d ago

how??? like exactly how? devs themselves expect little improvement,phil spencer HIMSELF TOLD you its not gonna be significant... sonys not sitting on its asses with their tools... devs say everyone month the sony tools improve and improve allowing them to get the more and more out of the system.. hang out at beyond3d every now and than... plus gpgpu rendering is around the corner

Mithan2493d ago

Man you guys are willfully ignorant. The API itself was garbage originally. It's improved. Duh.

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DoubleM702493d ago

SMH.. Another Dev comes out and telling you blatantly it's going to benefit.

"No, it’s important [for Xbox One]. All the dependency tracking takes a huge slice of CPU power".

Taking the load off the CPU is very beneficial. The side affects are better frame rate and other things.

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Imp0ssibl32494d ago

I guess hoping for a flat 10% performance increase was too much. Still, better than nothing...

AndrewLB2494d ago

Such things never turn out to be the full amount since we're dealing with "maximum theoretical output" when talking about flops, etc. To hit those numbers you'd have to have 100% efficiency, which is impossible.

mhunterjr2494d ago

It's theoretical output and depends largely on HOW developers are using it...

vlashyr2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Sounds like DirectX 12 will be more important for Xbox One than that publicized "GPU boost" thing. Let's hope they can finally reach 1080P with it

hello122494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

You will not see any resolution bump with directx12. Resolution is a GPU+memory issue.

You will see better graphics though and better frame rates.

it is not like ‘here, take that ten per cent of performance we’ve stolen before’, actually it is variable, like sometimes you can use 1.5 per cent more, and sometimes seven per cent and so on.

According to Microsoft the reduction was between 8 and 10 per cent. How much of it is used will be up to the dev's.

[email protected] I agree, but its much easier for the PS4 to achieve 1080p. The memory configuration and slightly better GPU is the reason for that. Better Resolution doesn't mean better graphics though.

In my opinion the x box 1 games will have better graphics and better frame rates when directx12 hits, but its not a game changer for resolution.

[email protected] I agree. We love every game to run at 1080p and 60 frames and not sacrifice a damn thing. With consoles given and take will be applied.

Ryse is a good example (resolution) doesn't mean better graphics. Ryse main issue was the frame rate still looked great at 900p.

christocolus2494d ago

I don't see any problems with that,infact ill take better graphics&fps over higher resolution anyday.just take a look at QB now imagine what halo5 or Gears4 would like? I just hope dx12 brings some great improvements to the console.

Alexious2494d ago

Well, frame rate in the end is always a choice of the developer. If they want to push even more graphics while keeping the game at 30 FPS, they can do it.

Lawboy22494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

See it took me awhile to understand this...I actually thought that resolution is what made the game look brother had to explain to me that resolution just makes the game clearer...and what you should be worried about is how the game looks which is the I understand ryse and why it was 900p but was still yeah I would definitely take a graphics boost over a resolution boost

rdgneoz32494d ago

Seeing as DX12 will help PCs get "closer to the metal" with a console like api, the benefits will be in the ease of porting games developed on the PC to console. Consoles are already being developed close to the metal and make use of multi core computing (which a lot of PC games don't do).

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BigShotSmoov0072494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Well they have reached 1080p. Look at games like Destiny, Tomb Raider and Diablo. Not all games are 1080p on the X1 and we understand that but they are making strides to achieve that more and more and remember, this is a console that's not even a year old yet. I'm sure some of the best looking games are sure to come.

Axios22494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

What are you talking about, X1 has had 1080p from launch with numerous games. There's 19 just in this list:

@ Below, Evilsnuggle forgot to mention UFC and Killzone

BigShotSmoov0072494d ago

People get caught up like there are no games running at 1080p on the X1 while every game on the PS4 is 1080p and we all know that's not the case. Either way, it's irrelevant to me cause I don't play games cause they have a higher resolutions, I play them if that genre and style appeals to me.

Evilsnuggle2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

[email protected]

That isn't true all games on PS4 are in 1080P except two games Battlefield 4 900p 60fps 720p 60fps on x1 and Watchdogs 900p 30fps PS4 and 792p x1. That's like 98-95% of games are in 1080P on PS4 . Most of x1 games or half of x1 games are not in 1080P those are facts.

I don't know why anyone would would be surprised only blind fanboys . That a 10% increase in GPU resources doesn't mean a 10% preformance increase . Anyone who understand how GPU's work could tell you that . Just like 50% more GPU cores in the PS4 doesn't not equal 50% more GPU real world preformance or 50% more powerful . Digitalfoundry benchmark both PS4 and x1 GPU . PS4 had a 30% real world preformance advantage over x1. It's very similar to horsepower in a motor . Just because you have 50 % more horsepower in your motor . Doesn't mean that you will go 50% faster there are other factors that change preformance. I stated this several times when it was report it that X1 was getting a GPU increase wasn't going to 10% more powerful or preformance.

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