The 3 Best (and Worst) Video Games From February 2020

COG: Welcome back to COGconnected's 3 Up and 3 Down monthly feature as we break down the best and worst games from the previous month.

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The_Sage440d ago

Dreams is amazing. I just spent 4 hours doing nothing but listening to music people have created. There is some really great stuff out there.

Rangerman1208440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

Hardcore Mecha is by no means perfect but I wouldn't call it one of the worst of February. It's a pretty good (at worst, alright) mech action game recommended for anyone who are fans of mech stuff. Plus, it's from China Hero Project, and for it's worth, it's impressive. Also, wasn't the game released on January, and not February?

440d ago
ABizzel1440d ago

I don't like the fact that any site is doing a "worst list" on Dreams creations. These are people creating within a game tool, not developers releasing a game as a retail product. There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but instead, just pick your 3 favorites and if you must pick three that you wish the designer would expand upon to make it even better.

Fluttershy77440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

It isn't a list on Dreams creations, but on games in general. Dreams is on the Best List, and Metro Redux ( is on steam and switch and xbone) also The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and Hardcore Mecha all of those are on the worst list...

If you are going to dislike so firmly an article on any site, you should at least - I won't say read it - but at least, at the very least take a quick look at it. Just an advice, no hate