Amazon discounts Metro Redux (Switch), Death Stranding, Final Fantasy VII Vinyl and more

Amazon has discounted Metro Redux (Switch) to $39.99, Death Stranding to $25.00, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Set to $59.36, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Companion Guide to $18.85 and more.

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ccgr1251d ago

Will have to check that out, thanks for the head's up!


After 3 years, Death Stranding players discover a boss will bite your ear off if you refuse to fight

Over three years after it originally launched, Death Stranding players are only just finding out that it's possible to lose an ear in a boss fight.

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closed_account66d ago

Lol, Higgs going to get a tribal tattoo on his face to go along with that poetry on his forehead after that move! 😂

Vithar66d ago

lol Holyfield, kojima is crazy man

EternalTitan65d ago

Normal gamers: Great detail!
People who know Kojima: Koji being a Koji.


Death Stranding Is Proof Not All Games Need Boss Fights

DualShockers Writes "Boss fights have been with us since the earliest days of gaming. Way back in 1975, gamers were introduced to the concept by a little-known title called The Game of Dungeons, a Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG for the PLATO system (Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations, in case anyone was wondering) that featured an encounter with The Golden Dragon, which players had to defeat in order to claim a magic orb and win the game."

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potatoseal134d ago

But the boss fights in Death Stranding were awesome. Especially the Cliff ones. Also loved the "giant" one. Don't agree with this person's opinion at all.

isarai134d ago

Same, they were really creative and fleshed out to extreme nature of the event.

Rocketisleague133d ago

Yeah sure even getting randomly caught by the invisible things turned into mini boss fights

DogJosha132d ago

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of gaming journalists are people that don't seem to like playing games. Easy mode? Immortal mode? No bosses? If a company WANTS to make some games for people who don't want to play them, go ahead. Just quit harassing the companies that want to make games for people that appreciate them.

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jznrpg134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Eh whatever I like boss fights.

Puzzle games don’t need boss fights sure not all games need them but I enjoy a difficult boss fight.

BrainSyphoned133d ago

The puzzle game Hunnie Pop's boss fights were very necessary and quite over the top in ways other games can't hope to compete with.

jznrpg133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Just a random example as some puzzle games don’t need boss fights like Tetris or whatever. But sure I have played puzzle games with boss fights and I’m all for boss fights in any game if the dev wants to make quality bosses

-Foxtrot134d ago

I felt they didn’t go with the gameplay it was trying to present. It felt clunky combat wise.

meanmallard134d ago

I completely disagree that DS would have been better without boss fights.

I would however say that in DS 2 I hope the boss fights are more complicated and refined.