Dragon Age: Inquisition's co-op multiplayer revealed - expect microtransactions but "no paywall"

Dragon Age: Inquisition will, indeed, have a multiplayer mode, created over two years by "a special team with veterans from the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises". To be specific, it'll offer a four-player co-op component in which you undertake quests against AI foes as an Inquisition agent, after the example of allied forces in the Galaxy at War mode in Mass Effect 3

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Ocsta2494d ago

Of course there'll be microtransactions. It's EA ffs.

DarkOcelet2494d ago

This and Unity , Sigh. I hope this doesnt become the norm in game like the dlc .

700p2494d ago

Instead of complaining..dont buy the microtransactions. I wont.

Aloren2493d ago

If they do it like they did in ME3, that means free dlcs and just microtransaction to buy random loot packs which are totally not needed.

XtraTrstrL2494d ago

LOL, I remember a few days ago commenting on the rumor of a possible co-op mp mode and getting slammed for it. Well, here we are folks.

Roccetarius2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

You wanna know how people knew, that ME3 was going to have a MP mode? It was because a demo crashed and was rebooted, then you could see the file names being loaded. Obviously forums tried to cover it up as nonsense, but it turned out to be true.

This was just a matter of time, because EA doesn't release games without MP anymore.

XtraTrstrL2494d ago

To be honest, the microtransactions where they allow you to unlock a chest in MP mode that would take a little longer to get gold isn't as bad as lots of stuff out there now. Especially if it's only pertaining to the multiplayer mode which they say is completely separate from the campaign. I rather it not be there ofcourse, but it's like in PvZ:Garden Warfare, instead of playing a few matches to get your coins to buy more plants, you get your plant ammo a little quicker. As long as they aren't lying, or don't switch up later, it's not horrible - just not ideal.

I just hope they don't overdo it with other $DLC$ and any type of real p2w micro. I'm glad there's a separate MP mode though, it seems it has the potential to be really fun.

Roccetarius2494d ago

The ME3 Microtransactions was not far off from gambling, simply because you had no idea what you were buying. It could be anything between a consumable to weapon upgrades worth using for a class.

Fifa is probably their worst example.

Enate2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Yea I hated the ME3 mp system for unlocking. I wanted the ability to focus on upgrading a certain weapon at least after I unlocked it.An after countless hours we all pretty much gave up because we couldn't unlock or make the weapons we loved powerful enough. So ultimately you spent hours on end obtaining weapons or characters you didn't really want.

MegaSackman2494d ago

If it works as said, is microtransactions done right. Either way, coop dungeon crawler sounds fun.

MilkMan2494d ago

BREAKING NEWS: Witcher 3 will have a racing simulator added also. Its also multiplayer. Sound ridiculous? Its cause it is.