Gamedaily: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review - 8/10

Gamedaily writes: "Snake's swan song is a beautiful and intense tour de force, marred only by preachy dialogue and decent shooting.

Tactical Espionage Action arrives on PlayStation 3, courtesy of Konami's long-awaited Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which brings an end to one of video game's most memorable characters, mercenary Solid Snake, who is a gray haired old man. An army of gorgeous cut scenes and a beautiful score highlight this memorable third person adventure, which ties up loose ends while weaving new characters and plot twists into the Metal Gear mythos. It's a long-winded tour of duty that, despite its somewhat bland gameplay, offers an unrivaled cinematic experience.

Snake's adventure begins in the war-torn Middle East, where he slithers through battles in search of his evil twin, the nefarious Liquid, who inhabits the body of MGS villain Revolver Ocelot. In order to kill him, Snake must sneak past or engage hundreds of foot soldiers, as well as vanquish expertly designed boss characters, including Vamp (from Metal Gear Solid 2) and the twisted Beauty and the Beast Corps, four terrifying ladies with signature abilities. He gets help from his friend and techo genius, Otacon, who provides Snake with advice and equipment, most notably the delightful OctoCamo, which changes color in real time and blends into the environment. Along the way, he runs into old friends, makes new ones and uncovers more plot twists than a daytime soap."

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Mc1873806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

If you don't like the game to begin with don't review it.
@ fork, pathetic failure the game is great I actually am playing and I don't play crap games except for a few drunken nights with Gears
your just pissed you weren't here in time to troll properly looks like you fail again (god 12 year olds are hilarious)

fork_the_lad3806d ago

I feel sorry for you guys

cuz websites and maguzunes like Gamestm and gamedaily love xbox. i like gamstm lot. I liek magazine

they have very little coverage of PS3 though

theKiller3806d ago

they should play more shooter games i think!! in fact they should only review shooting games!

BulletToothtony3806d ago

i guess they didn't get the memo that mgs4 is not a shooter, it's a tactical game..

Everything that this guy said he didn't like.. it's what makes the mgs series so great.. and everything he didn't like it's what i absolutely love.. and every mgs fan as well...

It's extremely obvious that he had never played an mgs game before, but that's ok.. not everyone likes this style of game.. too bad they made him review the game and not someone who knew what tha hell is going on...

i think some reviewers were just in a rush to finish it so they can write the review and they simply don't enjoy the game.. i'm loving every minute of it and i already have 9 hours of gameplay.. don't have 1 complain so far..

Bladestar3806d ago

"If you don't like the game to begin with don't review it. " ehhh... come again!? If you like the game how can you give a fair review? If I like iron man the game does that mean it deserves a 10/10?

no... but seriously I know what you are saying... Metal Gear is metal gear... and on my book before Kojima started the whole console bashing it would be a 10/10... but if I would to review the game I would still give it a 9.5/10... the game itself deserves it.

But I still stick to what I said before... Metal Gear is not for everyone... for people that are not into cut-scenes and the type of gameplay that metal gear offers which is specific to metal gear fans this game is not good... which explain why the game never had a demographic like other games like GTA...

Sadly... Metal Gear will be reviewed for the masses since there is no such thing as Metal Gear fan review only...

I'll say, for Metal Gear fans this game gets a 10/10.
For non-metal gear fans a 7/10.
for people like me that are still angry at Kojima for being such a blu-ray leg humper and xbox 360 hater... a 9/10.

kingme713806d ago

Which parts of the game did you like/not like and what act are you up to?

BulletToothtony3806d ago

hey dude did you end up buying a ps3? you said a few days ago you were thinking about it?? seems like you tried mgs4...

and i don't consider myself an mgs hardcore fan.. i actually picked up mgs2 about 8 months ago and i loved the game.. it's just a well made game...

and like you said, a 9.5 it's a pretty good score.. a well deserved score.. i think it's a 10 to an mgs fans, but to the general public.. i think a 9.3 - 9.5 it describes a good score for the game..

I'm not a fanboy, and i was expecting an awesome game.. i was pretty sure i was gonna be let down, and to my surprise my expectations were highly overpassed..

all the items, the weapon customization it just adds to the way you get immersed in the game.. and even if you don't like the style of gameplay people should still realize that the game is very well made, it has way more things than other games do.

they should at least have that into consideration, but when they go and give Grid a 9 and mgs4 an 8 that's also not right, (not saying that grid is a bad game) but come on, they have to realize that mgs4 it's a more complete game..

iHEARTboobs3806d ago

Yeah i agree if you don't like these types of games or any other MGS games you shouldn't review it. That goes for all games. If you're not into the genre, you shouldn't be reviewing games from it. MGS isn't going to be for everyone. If you're not willing to put in the time, it's not for you.

XBOX 3603806d ago

Hey look, Bladestar has a problem with Kojima like the PS3 over the 360, but has no problem with Itagaki hating the PS3.

Yet he claims to be a "Gamer" and "unbiased"

Hidden Fanboyism ftw.

Bladestar3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I didn't buy it... and not going to... I still want those NPD numbers to reflect my opinion about what Kojima did... I know I'm just one.. but not the only one.. but it does add up you know... Who knows maybe I will wait and buy a used one... ;) or borrow it from a friend.

Question for you... how does it feel that the most anticipated game on the PS3 is getting a 8's.. and to make things worst... that's not a mass market as you thought it was?

@XBOX 360 - says, the one with a RROD picture... mmm.. .anyways.. Itakari did not add PS3 bashing to his game.. he just had an opinion.. he does not have an agenda to bash other consoles... Kojima on the other hand added to this game which does not contribute to the game. How many times did kojima proved that he favores the PS3? did I have a problem with it? No.. but when a developer dirty their work with non-game related opinions... then their game becomes their opinion... so if I don't agree with their game/opinion then I just don't accept it/ buy it... simple as that... I would say the same if NG2 would say, "Did you know Sony sucks... loading please wait...".

BulletToothtony3806d ago

well to be perfectly honest, if what they were saying was true, and i found the cutscenes to be painful... and the gameplay to be bad, and full of glitches and flaws i would be pretty pissed,

like i said up there everything that those 8* reviewers didn't like i loved so to me i can care less.. about 90% of reviews have given them 95% or higher so that says a lot.. i mean even halo3 got some 7/10 but that didn't stop people from enjoying it..

The truth is that mgs4 it's a good game, it's very enjoyable and it's the best single player game i've every played, multiplayer still goes to cod4.. still play it a lot..

and about not reaching the masses well i don't care about that, i think it's gonna sell some ps3's and i don't care if i was the only person who bought the game.. i love it and that's what matter to me the most..

OmegaKulu3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

question, what does NPD numbers gota do with your personal opinion? If you actually want to play the games on there, NPD should mean nothing at all. NPD numbers are only for fanboys and investors.

So what MGS4 got a 8/10 scores? some people just dont like MGS, the install or the long videos.
At least it's better than a game being hyped so much that reviewers are obligated to give a game 10/10.(Halo3 was good but no way in hell it's better than COD4)

ShAkKa3806d ago

is not that they don`t like mgs,is that they hate the ps3 so all ps3 exclusives will get some bs reviews from that crappy website.

Ju3806d ago

unrelated, but some say, according to May NPD# PS3 outsold the 360. What now B* ?

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fork_the_lad3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Gamedaily are own by same company that own this website, future is an american comp and we amaerican love XBOX. no space for japanese consoles. Like the japanese say, american love shootign and killing and this game sucks cuz it has none of it

If 1 future website gives it an 8 than the rest give similiar score....

Future owns

Gamdedaily 8
Games Tm 8
Eurogamer 8
Edge 8
Gamedaily 9

I fel sorry for PS3 fans that thought it was the best game ever. I would give it a 6.5 being gernous . I love Gamestm becuase they love xbox.

LJWooly3806d ago

Haha, that was unintentionally funny to read.

JackBauerIsHIGH3806d ago

How can you even give any imput on this game considering you do not have a PS3? I though you bought one just to piss on it and then returned it shortly after?

Whatever you say champ...

BulletToothtony3806d ago

how many days does someone have to troll in order to get moved there??

i'll never understand the need to go troll, it's really sad, and it's obvious that is done out of jealousy... it's ok buddy.. keep telling yourself this game sucks so you can feel ok about your choice of console

Diselage3806d ago

Future does not own this site, they do have investments but that in no way translates to ownership.

Syronicus3805d ago

Why bother posting such flame bait? Does this make you feel better to flame in a thread where it is unnecessary to do so? Please, visit the Open Zone, your friends miss you there.

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Spike473806d ago

WOW seriously these guys have lost all their trust from me.

giving MGs4 an 8/10 is like saying " I am another immature xbox360 troll"

jessupj3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Well there's goes another site on my 'has absolutely no credibilty' list. It's sad really, before this generation there wasn't really much bias in reviews. Now it seems like you have to swin through a sea of crap to find that one genuin, unbias fish.

Silogon3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Mgs4 doesn't have anything on One Life to Live, dare they compare to my day time soaps! Truth is, these shills are morons and will always be in the back of the line begging to grow an inch taller so they can ride the big kid rides by the time they reach the front of it.

P.S. I'd put Todd Manning up against Snake anyday, though. ;-)

Edit to the below: I don't know what's more pathetic, you for thinking I was serious or the fact that you think soap operas should induce such a rage that you'd ridicule someone over them.

Pretty damn sad.

fork_the_lad3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Soaps suck gay facker or you a girl?

Shadow Man3806d ago

Can somebody ban fork_the_lad he is being an aZZHOLE to everybody. I don't think he is a ps3or360 fan.

Get a life dude. and stop sending me PM with your other accounts

fork_the_lad3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Im a nintendo fanboy motherfunky. Look at my jacet. It has Zelda on it111111111

And i not send u message. you are useless person. Why do you even wake up in the morning

heyheyhey3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

for the last time


EDIT: *sigh*

15 years of age?

fork_the_lad3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )


Ask your mother what sex position makes the ugliest baby....

You should have been terminated at birth and thrown away. Like the doctor said when u wer born. "this cud get ugly"

edit: i was lying when i said am 15 or 16 or whatever i said

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

'Ask your mother what sex position makes the ugliest baby....'???

Well your Mum said just look at your Photo!!! ;-D

whoknew3806d ago

the PS3 sucks because it has no games, the only good game is Genji, but even that's worse than Halo 3- MGS4 is toasted turd, lol 93 on meta what a flop jeez

IzKyD13313806d ago

your not cool so stop trying

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riqued3806d ago

The guy wants more shooting... This is a stealth game!!

Mc1873806d ago

this is stealth action not a shooter.