Rumored PlayStation Store New Content (US) for June 12, 2008

With all the news about MGS4, many gamers have overlooked all the other great content that we can look forward to this week on the PlayStation Network.

PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at what we should be getting:
- Army of Two: Veteran Map Pack (FREE)*
- Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo
- Guitar Hero III DLC: Isle of Wight Track Pack
- Konami "Surprise" [!]
- PSone Classic (for PS3/PSP)*
- Rock Band DLC: MTV2 Three Pack + Bonus Single

Additional Content:
- Metal Gear Solid 4 Theme*

NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive (videos, wallpapers, etc.) and content is always subject to change.

*Items marked with an asterisk denote rumored content, while the other content is confirmed.

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StalkingSilence5470d ago

Seems like people don't like the stories when they are so close to the actual release time. Sorry! I've been busy at work but I'll try to get you all the info sooner next time.

paul_war5470d ago

A few days in advance then you might have something, but so close to the actual update.

Also it’s kind of frowned upon submitting your own stuff.

StalkingSilence5470d ago

didn't know that (about submitting your own stuff). it's just a blog where there are no ads, I don't make any money. but ok - i wasn't aware of that.

also, i have submitted them a day in advance in the past, and they did pretty well here so I thought people wanted me to keep doing them:

590 degrees:
360 degrees:
550 degrees:
760 degrees:
1050 degrees:

then other weeks, they fail approval. don't know what i'm doing wrong but I put a lot of work into the research for these!

paul_war5470d ago

I do not doubt your effort.

Guess it just depends on who is approving at that time, and of course what you have to say!

StalkingSilence5470d ago

it definitely depends on who's approving that day (nudge, nudge)
haha jk, don't approve if you really don't like it.

i appreciate the helpful feedback and i'll try to get these in earlier. i just want to be a little more sure before sending them in and this week had a bunch of late additions.

Trek52005470d ago

Bubbles for your efforts kind sir!

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Silogon5470d ago

Doesn't look like much of anything this week. I wish the Konami suprise was Suikoden, though. I'd love it!

Aclay5470d ago

I hope tht the Konami Surprise is Metal Gear Solid 1 on the PSN. There's been rumors about MGS coming to the Playstation Network and I hope that it is MGS because I will be downloading it.

solidt125470d ago (Edited 5470d ago )

It maybe new songs or Podcast for the ingame ipod.

OoLegendoO5470d ago

Looking forward to the surprise !!

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