I Couldn’t Finish The P.T Demo

Pixel Gate writes:

''In terms of media, there’s not much that really scares me. Horror films and video game rarely scare me, though some make me uneasy. Big name horror titles from last year such as Outlast didn’t really have much effect on me. I understand how they were trying to scare, but it felt like a haunted house more than a genuine horror experience. There’s a certain craft missing from a lot of horrors, both video game and film. True fear isn’t created by simply creating a ugly image, nor is it created by jump scares. True masters of horror build up their scares, they create tension, they slowly cut into the player/viewer.''

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ArchangelMike1622d ago

I have to admit, when I first played it, I was too scared to finish it, and I switched it off. It's taken me about 2 hours but I've finally completed it. The last time I had that kind of scare was when I last played forbidden Siren.

Imagine if Sony decide to bring P.T. to Project Morpheus. That wold be insane!!!

pwnsause_returns1622d ago

thats up to Kojima to decide though. Would be a great idea in my opinion. i'd make a great testing bed for the next silent hill game LOL.

if this is what Kojima wants to make with Silent Hill, then Im all in. This is what horror is suppose to be and we've been waiting for such a AAA game to do it for years. Having Guillermo del Toro on his side helps a lot as well

XisThatKid1622d ago

To be honest The last game that legitimately scared me was Dead Space and before that was Resident Evil 1. I been winding myself up to play P.T. I think I'ma make my girl play it first! XD

christian hour1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

*SPOILERS in my comment for those who've yet to play, I guess*

I coujldnt finish it either but for different reasons.

I was stuck on that last loop (the continuous one where yr flashlight changes colour each time) but couldnt trigger the end, and it seemed like the internet was very conflicted on what exactly triggered the end.

I tried saying Hey to the ghost lady with my mic, walking ten steps after the bells to trigger the baby laugh, I got all the photo pieces, I watched the clock till it turned midnight etc etc etc...

Eventually I had to call it a day because the game was so unnerving and combined with the building crescendo of disturbing sounds my body just couldnt handle the psychological trauma of the whole ordeal.

Needless to say I LOVED it and I can't wait to jump back in tomorrow and try and finish it.

It's been a long time since I've seen psychological horror done correctly. Was like being trapped in the worst ketamine trip anyones ever had, and after discussing it with friends it seems there was tonnes of things i missed (one friend said they jumped out a window, another said he never seen a single ghost lady but still managed to get the ending)

ArchangelMike1622d ago

Yeah I got stuck in that loop for ages. I think there are slightly different triggers each time on each playthrough.

For me I completed the picture, and waited till midnight when the bells toll. I then went to the bathroom, and just stood there looking at the baby. Lucy's ghost should appear behind you. Don't turn round to face her just watch through the mirror (I know! It shat me up completely).

The baby should then laugh a couple of times ('cos you and Lucy and baby are all together as on seriously effup up 'happy' family again)

Still don't move, but just wait for the controller to vibrate for a few seconds. Then the phone should ring. Pick it up (R3), and you'll get a message. Then that's it, exit through the staircase when you're ready an that should be it.

I tried playing through it again, but man I just couldn't face it. I was sooo happy to just switch my PS4 off and go to bed... trembling slightly :}

Kyanu1622d ago

I used the baby video trick and it worked fine for me. Walked around for hours in that last loop and this trick helped instantly. Didn't take 15 minutes till I saw the credits.

christian hour1622d ago

ok so picture is completed, waited til midnight, walked in to bathroom, looked at baby, couldnt get ghost lady to appear in mirror, but wierd writing did come up and I heard a strange voice id never heard before (after the sound drains out).

i did get a ghost lady in the mirror before but that was just randomly when I was going through the loop the other night.

I know if you take ten steps exactly it makes the baby laugh after the chimes, so do i look at clock, wait for midnight, walk ten steps (conveniently enough to get me in the bathroom) after chimes to get baby laugh, when im in bathroom do i look at just the baby or do I try get both the baby and the mirror in my pov?

please halp :(

equal_youth1622d ago

i am stuck in some kind of re hallway loop :/ now i can't get back or even further. tried to reinstall the game but kojima just puts me back were i left of.. in that red looping hallway. i think i did something wrong and this is my punishment :/

user14394141622d ago

Look for a hole in the wall to look into the bathroom then listen to the sound clip.

christian hour1622d ago

theres a peep hole in that red looping hallway :) look in to it until the sequence ends, you should see a painting on the ground against the wall where it should be. I was stuck on that for a long long time too!

devwan1622d ago

A good tip is to not do what the OPTIONS screen tells you to do with brightness, turn it higher. The hole was almost invisible to me, were it not for the picture leaning on the floor I'd never have noticed it.

we4201620d ago

Kojima is probably one of if not the biggest gaming enthusiast. I'm sure and hope he'll give Project Morpheus a shot if believes in it.

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HiTMaNHuntr1622d ago

I've have yet to play the demo. But from what I've heard about it so far.....I might wanna have a seperate pair of pants on standby when I start it.

jujubee881622d ago

Maybe, don't wear any clothes?

CernaML1622d ago

A daiper is a better recommendation.

Highlife1622d ago

If it works through remote pay just sit on the toilet.

G20WLY1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Remote play, good set of headphones, sitting on the toilet ;^P

EDIT: Wow @Highlife, great minds think alike - and right at the same time!! Weirder that P.T.

TXIDarkAvenger1622d ago

Sorry but the last place you want to play is in the bathroom ;D

G20WLY1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

^Haha, oh yeah...good point! ;^D

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1622d ago

atmosphere was eerie if that wasn't enough the disturbance will eat at you throughout and the confusion on whats happening will leave you vulnerable and when you think you have your panic suspense barely under control you get jump scared and that built up suspense will make you scream like a girl which stopped some people to even continue on lol. my older brother couldnt even watch me play just walked out the room saying i dont want nightmares. still cant get the phone to ring.

stavrami-mk21622d ago

I couldn't start the demo :-/

RosweeSon1622d ago

Would like to check this out but can't seem to find it this side of the pond (EU) ;(

amiga-man1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I'm in the UK and found it in the Playstation store easy enough, where are you from?

I'll warn you it's scary stuff

darren_poolies1622d ago

It's literally the first think in the demo section on the store.

GamerEuphoria1622d ago

It's the first game on the demo sections on the ps4's psn store

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