P.T. Gamescom 2014 gameplay trailer

Konami released the full-length gameplay trailer for P.T.

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LackTrue4K2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

still can't get to the all the photo parts/sounds that i need to find...and still no ending trailer.

"little help"

@Etackett2010 you get a second laugh @ the picture across the radio (its a photo of a river) on the side of the door where it reads something about "the end" on the bottom of it.

Witch doesn't always happen, you just got to re-loop again and try your luck until it happens....then you try your luck on the phone....witch has not happened to me yet/either.

amiga-man2394d ago

I got my 18 year old daughter to give it a go without telling her what it was, 3 times down the corridor was enough for her, she was too scared to go any further.

She became so jumpy as she turned round and saw a picture on the wall it scared the hell out of her lol.

JoGam2394d ago

All I would say is I put on the Cartoon Channel after I played the demo. Annnnnd slept with the lights on. That creepy bitch ain't coming in my room tonight. LOL

thorstein2394d ago

So, we get this game for free!?!!!

That is simply Awesome. I just added it to my cart when I saw this news story.

Is this the full game or just the interactive teaser.

amiga-man2394d ago

thorsein, it's an interactive teaser, you have to get out and you can but thats all I'll say except play it in the dark and don't look at any play throughs until you have tried it.

It will scare the crap out of you,

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ShAkKa2394d ago

She sounded like Ellie(TLoU) when she said "omg, this is scary, this is scary".

ABizzel12394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )


I watched just to see her, and she didn't disappoint. LMAO at the last one XD


LAMO look at her face at 1:45, she looks like Oh god, please don't, please. They need to book her for Until Dawn, LMAO. I'm hurting ;D

Sevir2394d ago

LOL, The Black Girl Really made me laugh! LMAO!!! pure grade A horror and it was funny!

DarkOcelet2395d ago

Project troll by the master of trolling himself :) kojima san , your the best .

Agent20092395d ago

I was watching a playthrough on YouTube. When that creepy woman-monster appeared out of nowhere, I jumped on my butt and intuitively shut down whole page, lol.

With Kojima making the project, it's definitely my most anticipated game as of now.

Irishguy952394d ago

I through my hands up and grabbed my hair. I've never done that for anything else, let alone a ****ing youtube vid

DevilOgreFish2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

I saw the full konami interview on twitch, I wasn't expecting too much information about this project. I did notice there was a lot of requests on the site asking for it to be a ps4 exclusive, or if it was. none of which was asked or clarified.

The only thing that was specifically pointed out was where you'll be able to find the playable teaser, leaving out the full game. It seems that kojima wanted to express his new way of communicating using the playstaion platform.

not sure if it's exclusive but i have to admit that no company has ever done that, that was very creative of him.

TheCagyDies2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

can't seem to get past the final part where the baby laughs twice and you pick up the phone. Darn baby won't do the second laugh!!!

It laughs once
Creepy Woman stands in front of front door, jiggles and flashes towards you
go to the phone and wait
no second laugh still.

styferion2394d ago

the trigger seems random for the second baby laugh, I finally get it by investigate many things before staring at the phone.

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