Metal Gear Solid 4 Japan Launch - Osaka

Pictures of the Japan Launch of the PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Q: Hey man what's happening?
A: I just knew from the store I pre-ordered the game that the lauch of MGS4 in my country was delayed because the stryke of the transporters..........Buaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...Th at's no f#cking fair.................just right now it must have a the day of MGS4 lauch..............I WANT THIS GAME NOW!
Q: sorry man, that's sad, what about the other countries of Europe!
A: I really don't know.........Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ................I CAN'T BELIEVE IN THIS SH#T! HOW LONG I WILL WAIT?......I just hope you guys of other countries can play this game today, enjoy this masterpiece, that I will be crying like a baby!

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solidjun55475d ago

I mean, like Brian Crescente and Micheal McWheator (sp?), but Brian Ashcraft is Anti-Sony missionary. That post seems to be it was meant to make it seem that MGS4 isn't important. I mean, what did Sony do to them? sheeesh!

Blademask5475d ago

I mean, this is ridiculous. Its all damage control.

I was in West Hollywood for 3 friggen hours, maybe 4. Waiting for MGS4 in a line with well over 300 people.

Sessler from G4 was even there. People started lining up at 7am and didn't get to really get in until about 12:30am.

Its all just f`ing hate and I'm sick of it. "See Look guys, no one wants metal gear! now go on.. play ng2.. its epic"

Kotaku needs to stop being a website.

Not the Face5475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

who asked you about hollywood, this is an article about osaka. not tokyo not new york osaka. monsterhunter and FF are the what japanese geeks line up for. this is surprising news, take it as it is. no need to mention other games or sytems, infact now that you finally have a game to play...go do it!!

GiantEnemyCrab5475d ago

Agreed 2.1 - Go play the game and stop crying! 360 don't need negative Kotaku stories about MGS4 to feel good because they have plenty going on.

I think you over-estimate how much 360 owners really give a sh*t about MGS4 and all things connected to it.

solidjun55475d ago

like you were saying that months ago when rumors kept popping up.

KingME5475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

I understand you disappointment in Kotaku, but why does that translate into you bashing the xbox or NG2. Perhaps, if you guys didn't hate so much, you would just arbitrarily think that everyone else was hating.

Edit: Besides, didn't someone say yesterday that only 360 fans would be on n4g today because PS3 fans would be busy play MSG4. I give you the benefit of the doubt and just say you are probably on break between scenes.

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edhe5475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

It's a site that just isn't pure pro-sony like this one and your eyes hurt after having the wool pulled from them..

However Kotaku have been very amused by the near-constant balldrops, goof ups, PR hashes, disasters and complete utter lies that Sony and their PR have been making since the inception of the ps3.

Can't blame proper journalists for actually giving a damn about the industry they work in. Sony barely does and this 'news' site publishes comments as news........

LOL i just read it and it's not anti-sony, it's just journalism pointing out the complete lack of interest in MGS4.

*NB i saw two shelf racks full of them at lunch myself in uk.

Disagree? Have the balls to say why.

v1c1ous5475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

kotaku paid hundreds of osaka players NOT to show up for the opening of MGS4 in order to promote their anti-sony tendencies and took pictures?

just look at the tokyo pics to see a hella lot more people went for it, or even the new york/san francsico pics to get your hype fix.

also, MGS4 is more popular in the west anyways.

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