New Mysterious Game: P.T Gets a Weird Teaser At Sony’s Gamescom Event

Well this is pretty awkward… Apart from what you’ll see below, we know nothing about this game. The game looks like a PS4 horror title, and it could be similar to games like Amnesia or Outlast. It’ll be interesting to see more information on the title.

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Neonridr2396d ago

how come it says "Available Now - Only on Playstation" at the end of the trailer?

Is this thing out?

LOL_WUT2396d ago

It supposed to be in the PSN store but they did say interactive teaser maybe it'll have more details ;)

infinitewords2396d ago

Yeah, it's on the U.S. store, I'm downloading it right now.

infinitewords2396d ago

@ Neonridr
It's free, because it's just a demo.

Mega242396d ago

yeah its out, and it just made me shit my pants

Dir_en_grey2396d ago

At first that lady's scream looked fake and scripted, but then people will understand it wasn't after they actually play the teaser =)

sevilha822396d ago

It´s on the demo´s section,enjoy.

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neocores2396d ago

if you type in PT it's a game it's 1.4gigs downloading it right now

HappyWithOneBubble2396d ago

Haha didn't think it was Silent Hill at 1st. That black girl kind of over did it lol.

SmielmaN2396d ago

Kojima, Del Toro, Norman Reedus Silent Hill .... Mind Blown Completely out my skull. Fox Engine. So Metal Gear quality silent hill starring Daryl Dixon. Sign me up yesterday!

LAWSON722396d ago

The idea of the legendary game designer, Kojima making a horror/survival game just gives me goosebumps.

busytoad2396d ago

yeah its too mature for you kid, go back to playing your halo oh and put your plastic helmet on lmfao.

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