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The following describes the install of MGS4, there are no story spoilers but if you fear spoilers regarding to the install do not read on. :)

"On Monday night I installed "Metal Gear Solid 4" on my PlayStation 3. Installation is mandatory. And some people have worried that it's a hassle. So I thought I'd liveblog the process and my life during it. And I did.

I couldn't publish what I chronicled until the game was released, which brings us to now. Read on, if you want to see how it went, how I dealt with the installation. But, do bear in mind a warning: I am spoiling the installation for you…

9:34PM Booting game. Excitement building. Pressing X button

9:35 PM Autosave warning. I clicked X. Loading screen. "Ready to install game … the installation process will take approximately 8 minutes."

9:36 PM Game is installing. Snake is smoking. A health warning is warning me about how to be healthy. This is just like what the Wii does, if the Wii warned about depositing cigarettes in ashtrays.

9:37 PM Trying to not pay attention to the installation anymore but I think one of the health warnings just warned me to only use this game disc with the PS3. At this point, this is the greatest game installation of the year. So it is declared.

9:38 PM Doing something else. Taking shrink wrap off of new "Bourne" game. Interesting that they sent me the PS3 version. Publishers never do that.

9:39 PM More smoking warnings during the installation. Think I just missed a "stealth warning."

9:40 PM I believe at this point in "Devil May Cry' 4"'s mandatory PS3 installation, the game had looped its re-telling of the "DMC" saga twice

9:41 PM Just tried all the buttons on the DualShock 3 to see if the installation was interactive. Sadly, it's not. Still, it's pretty entertaining!

9:42 PM The health warnings are now repeating. So even the incredibly creative folks at Kojima Productions can't keep an installation fresh. That's ok, because merely one minute remains.

9:43 PM This is it. The 8 minute mark. And installation is…just…about… complete! That wasn't bad at all."

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jamilion3780d ago

9 minutes only? What was the big fuss i was hearing about so many days ago about install times. Sheesh! And since its MGS its well worth the wait!

Condoleezza Rice3780d ago

It took the author more than 8 mins to write and host the article.

thesummerofgeorge3780d ago

Picking my copy up in 3 hours and I can honestly say not once since the game was announced to this very moment have I been concerned about installing the game... In fact I've been looking forward to it. Can't Fcking wait.

Ri0tSquad3780d ago

The regulars on this site spend more then 20 minutes on here. Lol, if you actually read the article, then read the comments, then decide to post or reply to a comment then your probably spending more then 15 minutes on here.

ice_prophecy3780d ago

people complain about the installation times...

I started the installation, then proceeded to enjoy the manual that came with the game.. by the time I was done reading the major bits of the manual - the installation was done. It didn't even cross my mind that it took long...

OH yea, I did look up a couple of time to enjoy the installation screen with Snake Smoking his ciggie.

Not too shabby actually...

kevin11223780d ago

if only we all read slowly :)

Whoooop3780d ago

Had a laugh reading that.

mesh13780d ago

guys what better changing disic which take 40 seconds on cgi heavy games or having a 10min to 20 min install for every game that is released on yur systems ps3 fans fail tbh they twisting these installs into a good thing so tell me what better changing dics for jrps that take 40 seconds or having to install games that take 20 mins aka dmc4

juuken3780d ago

I lol'd. And the installation was such a HUGE fuss among silly anti-Sony people.

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The story is too old to be commented.