Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review 7/10 - GAMER

"There's a fair chance that if you're in your twenties and either owned a PS2 or had access to Sky as an adolescent, you'll have encountered Dragon Ball Z in one form or another. The sagas of Akira Toriyama's Earth-crushingly powerful Super Saiyan warriors were a prominent fixture on the previous console generation with the PS2 having Budokai/Tenkaichi 1-3 and Super Dragon Ball Z - for a total of seven PAL outings. But with an inexplicable number of Dragon Ball Z fighters having been released since the days of the NES, all trundling the same overly familiar story arcs, just how much do we need another dose of ape-like aliens having bouts of Kamehameha tennis?

Well for starters, as the first fully-fledged 'next gen' Dragon Ball Z game (Tenkaichi 2 and 3 on the Wii don't count) Burst Limit looks absolutely stunning. There's no getting around it, and with the right setup this game looks far better than any of the previous games ever could. It's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play and stands as one of the most convincing graphical adaptations from 2D anime to 3D videogame that we've ever seen. It keeps the understated minimalist look of the anime but doesn't lose any of the injected character or sense of grandeur. Saying this game looks like one of the anime episodes seamlessly unfolding on the screen just wouldn't do it justice - it looks far better than that..."

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Watkins3806d ago

Same mag that put 8/10 on MGS4, haha. Credability ftw.