Gamespot: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review

This 3D fighting game can be enjoyed by newcomers to the DBZ universe and Super Saiyan wannabes alike.

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Looking back at 10 years of… Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

James writes - "Since the Dragon Ball Z anime series first debuted in Japan in 1989, no one could’ve predicted the sheer volume of gaming titles it’d spawn, across almost every console imaginable. And whilst I could choose any of them to delve deeper into, this week marks a special anniversary for one in particular – Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. It’s been ten years since its release and so, you know the drill by now, let’s take a look back at how it fared."

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blackblades2174d ago

I liked it, it just needed more also got a free dbz movie with it.


DirectX 12 RPCS3 PS3 Emulator Showcased Running Commercial Games

YouTube's 'John GodGames' shared some videos, showcasing the DX12 version of RPCS3 (Playstation 3 emulator) running After Burner: Climax, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit (lots of artifacts and broken visuals on this one) and Silent Hill 3.

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ShadowKnight3077d ago

Hmmm interesting might have to check this out.

bixxel3074d ago

Whoever gave you disagrees are idiots.

kingPoS3077d ago

The gfx glitches are feature not a bug. I can't but wonder what kind of specs are needed to pull this off. I'm also curious as what would happen if the ps button were pressed in the middle of gameplay. Some games on the ps3 itself have been known to crash if you push it at the wrong time, due to certain system calls. Granted, after burner is hardly the best example of a taxing engine, but then again, I guess progress is progress.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Crimzon3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Pointless debating what specs are required to run games since there's been zero optimization work done on the emulator. The main goal right now is getting games working and eliminating any bugs or glitches, then the optimization will come afterwards.

As it stands however, the fact that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 emulators can already run some games at full speed (Ridge Racer 6, Disgaea 3 & Catherine are some examples) with zero optimizations is incredibly promising. My only concerns are how they'll handle online play on these emulators, if at all. If I had to hazard a guess I'd assume that online play may never actually come, but it would be amazing to see. I'm just glad that I'll eventually be able to play Wipeout HD and Katamari Forever on my PC.

sinspirit3076d ago

Yes. The progress they made on the PS3 emu is quite insane. Personally the only game I'd care to use on a PS3 emulator is Demons Souls and Gran Turismo 6.

I wonder if it would be smart for Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft to release a PC emulator for older consoles. Even if it costs $50. Of course, have it set up to only launch physical games in your disc drive or legally downloaded titles attached to your account. Just a thought.

Abnor_Mal3076d ago

What PlayStation games are known to crash if the PS button is pressed at a "certain time"? Ive never heard of that and am curious as to which titles has that problem been associated with.

Skate-AK3076d ago

The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Poker game from Telltale but who really cares.

kingPoS3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Unreal tournament 3

I loss count of the number of times it crashed because I pushed the ps button during intense gameplay.

Some of the older PS3 titles literally put the game on hold when you pushed it. Those were generally single player tiles, you could consider them as having an extra pause button. lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

PrinceOfAnger3076d ago

last of us ? gow ? killzone? hmmmm....

Death3076d ago

The hardware is being emulated, not the software. When you have a finished emulator running every game runs properly. Keep in mind these are hobbyists creating these emulators, not the manufacturer that has complete access and much deeper resources.

deadpoolio3163076d ago

They really need to STOP pretending that this is anything special or noteworthy....The software they claim is "PS3" games are ALWAYS arcade MULTIPLATS....

IF they actually had real first party not available anywhere but PS3 games running then it might be something worth talking about...Chances are though these arcade multiplats are made possible using XBL code

Articuno763076d ago

Those arcade games are running on a PS3... which is being emulated here. There's no deception happening here. That is, unless, the PS3 itself was somehow emulating the 360 (which would just be silly, not to mention technically impossible).

The reason arcade games get emulation support first is simple: they tend to be less complex.

Getting the emulator working to the point where it can sucessfully replicate many of the ins-and-outs of the system (upon which more technically demanding games depend) is a more significant challenge.

TWB3076d ago

This same channel has a video of DBZ Burst Limit running on the emulator, and even though it has severe graphical glitches (which is understandable considering it might have some very fancy cellshading/rendering going on), its still running and even faster than 10FPS.

Thats a full commercial (almost AAA?) third party game running on the emulator.

Its progress. Im guessing that within the next 5 years theres going to be a decent playable selection of games that work well on the emulator.

3076d ago
PistolsAtDawn3076d ago

How crazy would that be if that meant you could play PS3 games on X1? DX12 program, able to run on Win 10 devices...of which X1 is... I know that's a pipe dream because even if it works, MS would almost certainly be legally bound to block it.

Death3076d ago

The Xbox is a closed system. They wouldn't allow a PS3 emulator to run on the console due to obvious legal issues. There are working PS2 emulators for PC that run games 1080p@60fps that have been around for years. You can obtain the roms online, but that is illegal even if you own the original games.

Aenea3076d ago

No need to worry about legal issues, the X1 is not fast enough to run this emulator...

PistolsAtDawn3076d ago

Why is it when you and I say nearly the exact same thing...you have more positive votes than negative, and I have the opposite...for expressing the exact same point

3076d ago
neoandrew3076d ago


If it can emulate x360, then yes, it is capable of emulating ps3.

BG115793076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

He's actually right. Thé Cell processor from the PS3 is more powerful than the processor of the Xbone and PS4 put tohether.
To emulate PS3 using both CPU and GPU, is going to be harder then people think.

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Aenea3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

When I saw the title I clicked on it hoping someone would mention this!

You really believe that the X1 is capable of running this software at a reasonable speed? You really believe that???????

You're hilarious!

Some people, *shakes head*

FYI, these are the specs of the PC running the emulator shown in the video:
CPU - Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.60 Ghz
RAM - 16 GB DDR4

Crimzon3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Well, technically the Xbox One is already running an Xbox 360 emulator. The guy who put it together to enable Xbox One backwards compatibility explained that the emulator software is just a Windows app that they got running on the console.

Obviously the big advantage there however is that the Xbox 360 emulator for Xbox One was made by Microsoft themselves, who have a deep understanding of the Xbox 360 architecture and will be able to run it as efficiently as possible on the Xbox One, which is why some of the bigger AAA releases for the console such as Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach run so well on the Xbox One hardware, even though you'd assume that it would struggle to emulate such complex architecture (the Xenon CPU in the 360 is actually based on the design of the PS3's Cell, for example).

So yeah, I'm not sure why you think what PistolsAtDawn said is so hilarious since there's already Xbox 360 emulation working on Xbox One, and in some cases actually improving performance over the original Xbox 360 games.

The specs of the PC running the emulator in the video is irrelevant for comparison as well since as well as the overhead of various Windows applications that aren't an issue on console, the simple fact of the matter is that right now this emulator has had no work put into optimizing it, so we've no way of knowing what hardware will be required when all is said and done. The Xbox 360 emulator for PC right now requires some powerful hardware, but we know Xbox 360 emulation works flawlessly on comparatively weak hardware (Xbox One) as well.

Of course, I don't ever see PS3 emulation happening on Xbox One because of obvious legal issues, but from a technical "What if?" standpoint? It's certainly possible.

PistolsAtDawn3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Slow down champ...it was a COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL comment...not saying it WOULD happen or ANYTHING like that, I didn't even read the article. However, please notice in my original comment I did say "even if it works". You probably should have read what I actually said before trying to shoot me down for something I DIDN'T say.

The headline said everything I needed to know to make my hypothetical comment. Did the article say you NEED a computer that powerful to run it?

Seems to me that if X1 can run 360 games with a COMPLETELY different architecture, then running PS3 games of a similar power requirement...COULD be doable. Am I gonna worry about if it happens? No. It would never get past legal, and I really couldn't care less anyway. There aren't any PS3 games I care enough to play that I don't already have on PS3 and/or were remade for PS4. Just pointing out how ironic it would be if X1 was a PS3 BC machine, but PS4 couldn't be.

...that would take the cake for being the oddest thing this gen

OpenGL3076d ago

The Xbox One does not emulate 360 games, the games are recompiled and repackaged to run on x86.

"We asked The Coalition's studio technical director, Mike Rayner, whether any optimisation or conversion was required in bundling prior Gears of War titles into the Ultimate Edition.

'It is essentially the exact same code,' Rayner replied. 'The Xbox team converts the 360 game and 360 flash PPC executables into native x64 executables, packages those up with the 360 game assets, 360 flash and emulator as a regular Xbox One game, and publishes it.'"


Dark_king3076d ago

@OpenGL thanks for posting that as I was certain there was no way in hell the one was emulating the 360's cpu.

Aenea3076d ago

@Crimzon No, it certainly is not possible to emulate the PS3 on current X1 hardware.

Yes, the x360 has a PowerPC based CPU like the PS3 has, but the 360 has 3 PowerPC cores while the PS3 only has 1 and has 7 of those SPE cores what make the Cell processor so difficult to code for.

To emulate all the hardware of a console you really need to have to run it on a machine that is way, way faster than the original console. The X1 is faster than the PS3 but it's not way faster, it's just not doable, no matter how strongly you believe it is, it just isn't...

Yes, "but the 360 BC in the X1!", well, besides having a less difficult to emulate architecture than the PS3, the 360 is not being emulated on the X1 either, they converted the PPC machinecode to x86 machine code and let you download that instead of using the original PPC code that was on disc...

Dark_king3076d ago

@Aenea I dont think you can really say the one's cpu is faster then the ps3's it certainly doesn't have access to ram near the speed of the xdr to work with either.