MGS4: When will IGN USA review it, and why haven't they done it yet?

"When is IGN US going to review MGS4?"

The short answer is, "not until the game comes out or possibly after." While we have already completed the game (Jeff has played through it twice, and Greg and Chris are playing through to the end as I write this), we've decided to hold off so that we can play the Metal Gear Online segment with real people on real servers when it comes out on Thursday (on June 12).

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Fishy Fingers3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Seem's fair, they can write a more detailed, beter review after release with less fear of spoilers and with out restriction from Konami.

But they're obviously interested to include MGO in the review, something that many have failed to do already.

Jamie Foxx3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

whether or not to except the bribe from microsoft!


theKiller3878d ago

they better give it a 10/10 or close to perfect score or never give it a review!

TheExecutive3878d ago

they said right in their podcast that if the MGO servers were up at midnight they would have it on Thursday, maybe friday if they are up later.

grkblood133878d ago

Well it looks like IGN listened to my email I sent them after the UK review was posted and no mention of MGO. I pretty much asked them how the could leave out MGO since the "lasting appeal" portion got hit with a 9.5 because of it. I'm gladded they listened though. I know I wasnt the only one that emailed.

mbmonk3878d ago

I smell a tad bit of bull turd here. When they reviewed rainbow six vegas two for the PS3 they didn't 'hang on' to their review to see how the real servers where in that game. From thier own review "the single-player campaign was never the star of Vegas. Multiplayer and co-op are where the fun really lies and the same is true in the sequel." They put out their review day and date with the game release and never mentioned that was a horrible train wreck on the PS3 online multiplayer wise. And this is a game where multiplayer was the focus. It didn't contain a 30 hour single player campaign. So why are they doing it now with MGS4 which is primarily a single player game?

There are two things that stand out about this stance by IGN.
1) They had to have played the MGO beta. Regular gamers here in the US got access. So they have played the beta. So they have a good idea already of how this game plays. ( Yes I understand it's a beta and not the final product, but I bet 90% of it will remain unchanged )

2) Doesn't MGS4 come with an MGO "STARTER PACK". The online STARTER PACK is "such a significant part of the package"? Really. Because I was under the impression that I was going to have to pay in order to get more maps and content. This was more of a tease to an extent.

I just wonder if they are holding their reviews for other reasons.

JWork08253878d ago

I don't see why this is going to be such a good game. I'm not trying to bash it or anything, I just want to know why it is a good game. From what i have seen in gameplay is that you just creep around, then lay on the floor until someone passes as if they can't see a person laying on the floor. Again, I'm not saying its a bad game, I just want to know what makes it an awesome game.

ECKOo93878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I think that a full review of Metal Gear Solid 4 that includes MGO is not a bad idea. What I think a better choice would have been was to release a single player review and then the MGO review. That way buyers that trust IGN can make their decision on whether they should pre-order MGS4 or not. Then the people who like multilayer focused games could wait until they got the review for MGO. I think this would have helped consumers with the purchase of the game. Games are getting expensive now, you can only afford to buy the great ones! (Like MGS4!)

The Lazy One3878d ago

Why wouldn't they do a single player review now and a full review later. Since they've played through it, they might as well review what they've played so far. At least give it a first impressions write up.

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pwnmaster30003879d ago

most likly that whole to much limited shiit.

Kleptic3878d ago

funny how as soon as payton came out and said "we are not hiding anything, we are just being really careful about spoilers...and cutscene length plus install times tie into certain parts of the story that we do not want revealed"...then everyone was like "oh, that makes sense"...and shut the hell up about it...

The Dark Knight3879d ago

I think its good that IGN US are actually going to bother reviewing the online. Hopefully that boosts the lasting appeal from 8.5 to a 10 :)

from the sound of this (Jeff has played through it twice, and Greg and Chris are playing through to the end as I write this),

It sounds like they LOVE the game.

Its out tomorrow. Thank god

Bathyj3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

My only worry is if they're looking for something to nit pick. The game is a 10 just for single player. MP is a bonus. Day one there is bound to be problems getting online with so many people. I just hope they are not looking for excuses to be hard on it. Like I said, I think the MP is a bonus and would be a bit harsh to mark it down for some server trouble. If it were only a single player game it would still be getting those scores.

You'd like to think so but there will just be so many people, I would expect delays. I'm all about the single player anyway.

The Dark Knight3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

yeah there will be problems but you think after the beta that they would fix the problems. Heaps of people will play online for me im going to beat the game first. But i know in Europe its sold out i think, usa im not sure and Australia it is cause it took me ages to find a copy. So buy the time i play MGO it should be alright

Alcohog3878d ago

Just curious (this goes to others on here as well), but why are you "worried" about what score they give? Its completely irrelevant. No matter what they give it, that doesn't change the game in any way. From the sound of it you are already getting it like the rest of us. I just don't understand?! Is it for console war fodder?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3878d ago

I remember when I first got Call of Duty 4: Modern (PlayStation 3) Warfare and on the second day the servers were down. When the servers were finally up my names for my custom classes were erased. That only happen about twice around release now things are fine. So when the mass public get their hands on this game I just hope they don't rate the online based on loads of people logging on for the first time. My guess is that they had to fine tune the servers for the demand.

A couple of times in Resistance: Fall of Man they (Insomniac) had updates. When the updates were delivered a few popple were going through objects. Shortly after another update was released and everything is fine. In the end I just hope they don't rate the online just based on the little hick-ups online servers can have.

A good example of this would be GameSpot not loading up blogs because of maintenance. It doesn't happen often but it isn't something that will break or make my expereince.

champ4203878d ago

Doing the same thing. Not even thinking about MGO until I beat the game, might beat it twice first then go online.

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1stKnighT3879d ago

I just hope they give their honest review on the game and not held back like the others.

PirateThom3879d ago

Who has been held back?

They couldn't mention cutscene length or install times?


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FAQS3879d ago

Q: an honest review? What is he meaning?
A: That IGN give MGS 4 a score that the game deserves like 9.5-10 (95-100%), no that buyed reviews like Halo 3 and some Xbox 360 half-exclusives, just because they are "timed" exclusives (we now know that xbox 360 doesn't have any real exclusive) for the xbox 360!

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TheExecutive3878d ago

held back? They can still give it whatever score but they cant talk about some stuff.

It was nice when i didnt see you around these forums. go back to doing whatever you were doing.

Diselage3878d ago

Calling people a fanboy is grounds for a banning. Fanboyism is not encouraged in the GZ and we try to promote level headed debate and discussion. Referring to people as fanboys does not encourage level headedness or mature discussion.

PSMonster213878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

So you think IGN UK and IGN AU both held back their reviews? Please dude, grow up. This game will be amazing no need to trash it just because its not on your console. I know it sucks but hey just buy a ps3.

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Whoooop3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I just can't believe how much importance we're giving to game reviews nowadays...

Was it always like this???

Bathyj3879d ago

Na, I dont need IGN to enjoy one of the best games ever made. They will give it at least 9.5 anyway but who cares, after work finishes I dont think I'll be on the net reading reviews anyway.

Tomorrow I'm giving everyone with an eyepatch on their avatar a bubble. But you can have yours now. ;)

PirateThom3879d ago

No, back in my day, reviews were only in magazines and you only got them after the game was out anyway for the most part, so it was kind of like, you bought the game and then read the review to see if they agreed with you and then swore blind you were right and played the game to spite them.

Whoooop3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I remember... well I'm 26, but I remember playing games and completing them without knowing the score.

I didn't use the internet that much back then, but damn... Now is just ridiculous. We have sites giving countdowns to reviews as if they were more important than the games themselves.

There's nothing wrong in reviewing games, but when sites believe they have more power than the actual gamers to say which game we should or shouldn't get, then gaming is becoming something else.

I have to admit that I've made some decisions this gen based on reviews and I find that a bit stupid, but maybe it's because now I have the capacity to actually differentiate a good game from a bad one or maybe because I buy everything with my own money now.

Who knows... I just feel that we are giving way too much importance to these reviews.

The Wood3878d ago

i have the opportunity to pick it up right now but ill wait so i can go in with my team tomorrow

The Wood3878d ago

i was weak.

installing now

eff the team;)

Mc1873878d ago

I remember the good old days when you bought the game first. Besides all reviews are for today is insecure people who can't make up their minds or need to be validated by their purchase.

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