Tekken 7 Has Made the Mishima Saga Interesting Again

Hardcore Gamer: We've met the men, the extended family, and even the adopted members of the family tree, but we've never met a legitimate female Mishima until now.

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ValKilmer2979d ago

Tekken 7 could really be the crowning jewel of the series.

no_more_heroes2979d ago

I haven't had an interest in Tekken since Tekken 3 tbh. Hope this one can change that.

RantandRave2979d ago

The trailer looked really good. I suspected we're in for a real treat.

ion6662979d ago

Can't wait because i'm tired of ppl always talking about tekken three. I've played recently and its kinda corny now . tekken tag is awesome!!!. minus the juggling and bound physics. Its plays better than t3.I'm praying that they make tekken more realistic.As in pyshics and enviorment. I wanna see no 10 hit juggles,more dynamic stages like actually using tables to get slammed on or king suplexing a guy through a parked car. I want the kung fu moments back.Where you dodge a five hit combo.And Take out fire balls for gods sake.

panbit862979d ago

This is going to be EPIC!

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