PlayStation Now Rental Prices vs. Buying Full Games

With PlayStation Now, Sony has created an instant, on demand service for video games. It provides access to some of the PlayStation 3 catalog to PlayStation 4 and Sony TV owners, effectively giving the PS4 backwards compatibility. It's a service with hundreds of titles that you can jump into and play without having to wait for them to download.

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nicksetzer11930d ago

This is exactly what runs through my mind when looking at PSnow ... pretty much shows how much the prices need to come down, and not sure that big of a price drop is going to happen, beta or not.

Dwalls11711929d ago

Such a great idea but Terrible execution . .
I would love to jump in and play Ben 10 for a few minutes of MGS4 or ninja gaiden sigma ... I saw all these games on PS now but will not buy because of dumb prices smh

Its just like Netflix would almost never buy the stuff you watch on their individuay but for a flat subscription you would gladly pay and watch a little of everything

That's how PS now should be...their is mostly years old bargain bin games their that you would never buy today...but for a decent subscription you would play a little of all of it

jXales1929d ago

exactly, netflix doesn't get the newest movies, it gets some decent movies down the line after all the major sales and dvd craze has worn out, and thats fine.

There are a shit load of retro games that could be put on this service for a flat subscription, and the games are running on PC servers, aren't there any loopholes that allows them to rent pc games and sega/Nintendo arcade games etc? its not actually running the games on Playstation hardware so ? :)

one can dream!

Anywhore i would gladly pay a subscription fee for full backwards compatibility for all ps1 and 2 games.... get me some jumping flash action here and there
:P battle arena toshinden aw shit!

Sayai jin1929d ago

It's still a beta. WTS, I do not think devs will change their prices. I hope Sony gains the ability to set the prices and not the devs. If Sony gains the ability to do that then the prices will be better.

lemoncake1929d ago

atm it seems to be mainly aimed at the extreme impulse buyer.

mark3214uk1929d ago

i thought it was still in beta e.g no prices set in stone yet? also will it be a subscription price per month and play all or indv price per game (i would probley buy if its a month price for all)

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mrpsychoticstalker1930d ago

It is cheaper to buy the game used.
each game is priced individually for several different rental periods. But we noticed that, for some games, it would be cheaper to buy the game used than to rent it through PS Now.

Nitrowolf21930d ago

It's actually almost cheaper to buy new aswell

mark3214uk1929d ago

same as getting a digital ps4 game there cheaper than the shop yet do you not have to pay for the disc or packing

DanielGearSolid1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Is any news outlet gonna acknowledge that all dlc is included in these game rentals? That alone adds value.

These price comparisons are skewed

nicksetzer11929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

This directly states that, and PSnow ONLY has the SP campaigns where the full game has .... well the full game.

DanielGearSolid1929d ago

Wat? PsNow is the full game

DontShoot-Me-Bro1929d ago

Are you sure that PS Now only has SP on the games you can purchase?

I never heard this before.

nicksetzer11929d ago

Ok, which game let's you play online MP? I can answer that for you, none of them.

NicSage1929d ago

What I do not get is where is the full purchase button.. I do not want to pay 30 bucks for a 90 day rental, I want to pay x amount for the purchase.

souldestroyer141929d ago

Why would you want to purchase the rights to stream a game.. It would obviously be more than the rental charge and judging by this article the rental prices are the same as owning a physical copy

jXales1929d ago

because that is like steam. You purchase the rights to play X game infinitely until the service no longer can supply it.

You can re download any game in your steam purchases until steam no longer can supply it.

It would be the exact same thing but now you wouldn't even need to download it anymore... just play it.

souldestroyer141929d ago

Except it's the same price as owning a physical copy. And you can keep a physical game until you want to trade it in. Also steam doesn't stream games you download it and that's it.

LazyGoron1929d ago

Please let me pay $30/$50 a year for this and I will be 100% on board.

I will not pay "per hour/day" of streaming. That's silly. Not sure if anyone has noticed... but this "4 real time hours" not "4 hours of gaming". You buy the rental and have to take a 30 minute shit? You lost 30 minutes of game time.

I was on board with this and most PS news as of late, but these prices are idiotic at best. Feel bad for anyone who has paid to play any of these games.

For Christ's sake... Gamefly is a better deal than this.

Mikelarry1929d ago

with EA access bringing it trust me sony will be forced to bring down the prices and even offer a subscription service. sony cannot afford for this service to become a failure they have spent way too much money on this

LazyGoron1929d ago

I dislike EA Access as well, their premise is... more fair to the consumer. But they do not have the "devs" in the middle of pricing like Sony has, and their library is and will be vastly smaller than Sony's

I agree that competition is good for everyone as it lowers prices. I just hope Sony does what EA is attempting to do, but on a much larger (# of games) scale.

DualWielding1929d ago

Don't people understand that EA Access is nothing like PS Now... EA Access is like PS Plus, is not a streaming service... How can so many people be confused about this, I don't get it

roland821929d ago

A 30 minute shit? What the hell have you been eating?

Silly Mammo1929d ago

30 min shit. What isn't he eating? :0P

RantandRave1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


I was in the closed beta and it only counts the time you're logged in so if you have to go... log out lol.

Here is an email I received from Sony. Maybe it will shed a little light. I hope this helps.

Hi Private Beta Testers,

We just wanted to give you all a quick update on the next phases of PlayStation Now. As you may have heard, at our E3 Press Conference we announced that PlayStation Now will be moving into an Open Beta, first starting on PS4 system on July 31, 2014. We are excited to get PlayStation Now in the hands of all PS4 users - so there is a lot of excitement for July 31 to come around. If you didn't see our E3 trailer - take a look at it here.

Now it's time for Private Beta news. On 6/18 you will have seen a title rotation which includes a fresh set of games as well as the introduction of a preliminary pricing test.

Inside this first test, you will find a variety of rental prices and rental periods to choose from. These prices are ultimately decided on by the participating developers and publishers. Your feedback during this next phase of the Private Beta is extremely important, as we will be monitoring it closely.

PS. If you have a rental period in progress for a game that just got rotated out: don't worry! You will still be able to access the rental up until the end of its rental duration by finding the game in your "My Games" section.

Please give us your feedback in these Private Beta Forums or email us at [email protected] om and help shape the future of PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Now Team

NOTICE the use of the words "TEST" and "BETA" please.

LazyGoron1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

"I was in the closed beta and it only counts the time you're logged in so if you have to go... log out lol."

Thank you for the useless informaiton, doesn't matter if you were in the closed beta... at all. Point is I shouldn't have to "log off" of PS Now to not be charged the fee.

If I pause the game or go the PS UI screen, I shouldn't be paying for those seconds/minutes/hours. It's like saying... we're going to charge you for using gas (but we pay for the gas anyways...) and then you tell me, "well then, turn your car off".

The fucking point of using gas (buying PS Now subs) is to uh... use the gas (rented games) at my own leisure. PS Now strips me of this freedom.

I NOTICE the words "TEST" and "BETA". I have also emailed Sony via their customer service line regarding the PS Now Beta. Just because it's a beta test doesn't mean there's a pass for stupid ideas, price hiking, and wasted value.

BattleTorn1929d ago

Really? Break time is deducted? WOW

And here I though in-game-time would be unfair because of how much time is spent in menus and loading screens, and not actually playing.

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