PlayStation Now is a Good Idea with Illogical Execution's Dave Walsh discusses the PlayStation Now beta, including the inherent problems with the service's pricing.

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pedrof931939d ago

Its not like you have a Ps4.

Sayai jin1939d ago

Right now the pricing is too high IMO. I think that giving publisher's control over pricing needs to be looked at again.

ABizzel11939d ago

There should be standardized pricing or else the service has to become a subscription based model.

Regardless of what the publishers says and wants, these are old games. If it's that big of a deal many gamers can simply keep their current console and buy the game used, and the publisher gets nothing.

If you want something like this to work, and better yet take off, then it has to be a no brainer for your informed consumers and then it'll eventually take off via word of mouth and proper marketing (get the word out there Sony).

Your biggest competitions in this space are Gamefly and Redbox. Redbox allows you to rent games for $2/day, and they often have some of the newer titles. Gamefly starts at $15/mo. and gives you unlimited rentals 1 game at a time.

Your service has to be good enough to make consumers add you on to the ones they already have, or leave the other.

Darkstares1939d ago

You don't need a PS4 to realize the pricing is out of whack in many areas.

ABizzel11939d ago

Just got done looking over most of the games on there.

The pricing is all over the place.

Alpha Protocol and most other games pricing is as follows (which is actually decent, not that I think about it, besides the 4 hour rental):
4 hour rental: $2.99
7 days: $5.99
30 days: $7.99
90 days: $14.99

Alone in the Dark:

90 rental: $4.99 (yes that's it, which is actually good.....if the game was)

The highest pricing structure I've seen so far are:
4 hour rental: 4.99
7 days: $7.99
30 days: $14.99
90 days: $29.99

I really don't see the point of the 4 hour rental at all. Games may be short, but 4 hours is pushing it, and $3 - $5 for 4 hours of gaming (while cheaper than a movie) is completely unsatisfying because more than like you can't finish it. 1 day rental should be the minimum.

The pricing structure needs to be standardized and as follows for retail games:

1 day: $1.99
Weekend: $2.99
7 days: $4.99
30 days: $9.99
90 days: $14.99
Buy/Keep it: $19.99

This is fair for gamers and the publisher, because these are older games. Honestly the prices could be even lower than that. I don't see how the subscription service is going to work.

My guess is that some games will be free for the month kind of like a secondary PS+, or you'll get vouchers to play a single game of your choosing each week. The SUbscription service has to be $5 - $10/mo.

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Eonjay1939d ago

I have to agree. Pricing is too high. Obviously it will fall, and the Sub plan is on the way.

Bigpappy1939d ago

I prefer all the publishers have their own "EA" deal, and I can switch my 5$ to the one who is proving the best offer for that month or none at all if I don't like what is on offer.

Let them compete, gosh-barn-it!

iamnsuperman1939d ago

Giving publishers control of price isn't helping. Flat monthly fee needs to be the only route forward. Nothing more than $15 with lower options available with fewer perks (fewer amount of streams per month...).

EData1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Agreed, They have to do a monthly fee and forget the ridiculous "rental" fees. I think PSNow could be an absolute hit based on the increasing content, but they are insane and the publishers are insane if they think many people will buy into those pricing options.

Side note - aren't betas supposed to be free? Why is this thing in "open beta" yet they are charging? Are they trying to find out how many suckers will pay those prices? Seriously, I feel like they are dropping the ball majorly.

Thatguy-3101939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I think what they can do is simply have a price fee for every month and let you choose a certain amount of games that you're getting access too for that month.

dvewlsh1939d ago

It reminds me a lot of how Amazon's Kindle store works right now.

Kindle books cost literally nothing to produce and Amazon takes only a small cut. Publishers get to set prices, though, almost always making books cost at least $10.

The writers see only a small fraction of that cost, where as if they sell them on their own through the Kindle store and sell the book for $5 they'll see $3.50 in profit compared to about $1 from a big publisher selling a book for double the price.

It's insanity.

JD_Shadow1939d ago

Which is the biggest problem with giving publishers that much of a say, because they will always, ALWAYS, take a mile if you give them an inch. You HAVE to keep them in line. No if, and, or buts about it!

Lucreto1939d ago

Pricing is alright for me. If I was to rent a game it would cost me €7 a night no matter how old the game is. The original Darksiders is still €7 a night while it is in the preowned for cheaper.

dvewlsh1939d ago

If you don't have access to a PS3 it might be okay, but if you do it's almost a no-brainer to pick one of these games up pre-owned instead.

Steptoe1939d ago

Too expensive. Too much streaming. Not enough thought.

uth111939d ago

They will figure out the pricing. It's in their best interest to keep this system as utilized as possible.

But it's much easier for PR to lower prices from a high starting point than it is to raise them from a low starting point.

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