The Last of Us PS4 Player Count Overtakes PS3; Patch 1.01.005 Released to Solve Matchmaking Issues

The Last of Us Remastered seems to have launched very successfully, not only it shot to the top of Amazon's storefronts all over the world, but its player count overtook the PS3 version. Unfortunately that brought to life some matchmaking issues, that have been solved with a new patch.

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Aldous_Snow1728d ago ShowReplies(3)
GribbleGrunger1728d ago

Shhhh ... tip toe passed the guy above, he's sleeping. Don't be too harsh on him, he has very few games to keep him awake.

On topic: It's great to see how people have embraced Multiplayer in TLOU. It was largely overlooked by the media on the PS3 but more people are starting to realise just how damned good it is.

SaffronCurse1728d ago

It seriously is. I never bothered touching it on Ps3 because I thought it was sort of tacked on just for the sake of having mp. How very wrong I was! Like other users have said before, it feels and plays like the older socom games.

asmith23061727d ago

"it feels and plays like the older socom games" - and here I am having never played it. F%$k.

RosweeSon1727d ago

That and they'll have headsets now ;)

sAVAge_bEaST1727d ago

Stealth Ninja Assassins. (Don't Run)

<The reason I double dipped>


user74029311728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

that's insane, it kind of proves the point that alot of people who bought this game never owned a ps3 last gen.

@abriel good point

Abriael1728d ago

Yeah. funny part is that the line for the PS3 didn't even decrease by much.

Rainbowcookie1727d ago

I for one never had a ps3 so it's double as sweet. If it does well I won't mind an uncharted remaster, but that is just me.

GW2121727d ago

Yup, I'm one of them.

Been playing TLOUR (for the first time) over the last few days. Had a buddy who said "prepare to become emotionally invested in the characters. It's like a movie."

I told him "I'm sure it's a good game but let's be reasonable."

I stand corrected.

ShadowWolf7121728d ago

Just got through my first Multiplayer match. Fun as heck but I'm glad they'll be patching it.

danny8181728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

i bought it but will be playing possibly this weekend to have more time to play

Dirtnapstor1727d ago

Yep, likewise...I'm sure there's plenty of us who bought it but haven't had a chance to fire it up and get with it. Stoked!

RosweeSon1727d ago

Me too can't wait for work to finish Friday night ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.