What's the Difference Between "Remade" and "Remastered"?

CCC Says: "This is kind of a weird subject that struck me when I was watching a playthrough of Super Mario 64 DS, but when I lingered on the thought and processed it more thoroughly, I realized that--at least as far as I’m aware--there isn’t exactly a prime differentiation between what constitutes a ramade game and a remastered game.

So, I spent some time the other night trying to really think about how you would define “remade” and “remastered” in terms of video games. I’d already been musing about something like this on a similar level, but watching that playthrough is what sparked a catalyst."

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Snookies122683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Um, I thought it was pretty cut and dry. Remastered means upping the resolution, and re-texturing a bit. Remaking a game means building it again on a new engine, new models, etc.

Hellsvacancy2683d ago

It can be tough for some people to use their own thought processes, they just need things spelling out for them plain and simple

Ezz20132682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

nothing beat the Amazing Silent hill HD remaster
Best remaster ever ,10/10, would never play again

Hellsvacancy2682d ago

Okami is the best HD remaster for me personally, it looked amazing on my TV, really colorful

hkgamer2682d ago

its just the internet, or maybe websites needing to release articles too frequently.


you talking about shattered memories? wasnt really a remaster or even hd at all. it was a remake, reboot, reimagining?

if you talking about sh2 then yeah that was a piece of shit. though they did use new voice actors aswell, which could in a be some sort of reimagining.

randomass1712683d ago

That's pretty much how I looked at it too. Can't say why some people can't seem to distinguish between them.

christian hour2682d ago

Probably the same people that cant distinguish between good indie titles and shovel ware smartphone games.

christian hour2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I came in here to say what Snookies12 already said.

A good example of a remake is the Resi 1 remake on gamecube. Built completely from the ground up on a new engine, with new models, and even switched up the puzzles and item locations while also adding new plot points and areas not present in the original game (though were originally planned to be, just never implemented due to time constraints/technical limitations.)

I believe new and tasty is a remake too, they built it from the ground up using the original game as a guide.

A remaster is just releasing the same game with higher textures and improvements on top of the original content. Something that we see at the start of EVERY generation right up until the end of a generation.

"Remasters" are not uncommon.

But for whatever reason the internet decided to pick up on this one and blow it way out of proportion. It's not like it was a shoddy lazy port or something. -_-

hkgamer2682d ago

time constraints? didnt they make a saturn and pc port as well as a directors cut?

no one is really blowing this remaster out of proportion. actually, it feels like they are cool with this one. tr however got ripped to bits, people saying how its exactly the same as the pc version when it is clearly not.

so out of tlou,tr and gtav. it looks like this one has done the least. however, lets not take away the fact that the original looked amazing and was coded using every trick of the book for ps3. which meant a lot of time needed to recode for the ps4 version.

ATi_Elite2683d ago

Remastered sounds like you did a bunch of work plus Remastered sounds a heck of a lot better than remade.

Remade = basically up scaling and just getting the game to run on another system, think PORT!

Remastered made to run natively on new system with assets improved to take advantage of new system.

ravensly2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

what? thats bunch of bullshit.....

remaster means improve graphics from original files, framerate,....which means port or improvement

remade means you replace lots of old files with new basically you change alot of things and it takes a lot of work than remaster. these both are ports....

Nerdmaster2682d ago

Don't know if you're trolling or if you're just confused.

ATi_Elite2682d ago

"Remastered made to run natively on new system with assets improved to take advantage of new system."

This is EXACTLY what naughty Dogg did.

remade is just like a friggin PC port which a PC gamer like myself sees a lot.

Remastered means they changed CODE to take advantage of the power of the NEW SYSTEM.

which is what they did which is why textures are improved along side framerate and resolution and anti ailising etc..

I'm NOT confused

if they just REMADE it to run on the PS4 it would still look like PS3 version or if improved it would BOG down the PS4.

But they remastered it to run NATIVELY on the PS4 and use the PS4 assets to improve the game.

Example: The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary REMASTERED. Film completely redone to take advantage of color, sharpness, resolution of DVD video.

BAM.........! ding ding ding school is now out.

SilentNegotiator2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

No, "remake" sounds like something was made again. As in "remade". And as such, made with current technology.

hkgamer2682d ago

no, you may have fot it mixed up.

remake is using other assets. think resident evil, mgs, ninja gaiden, halo,.

remaster is technically a port. porting is not a lazy thing,mit takes time and effort. like some pc ports, higher res textures etc.

remake, normally from a much older game. possibly new engine, newer chacter models. new rendering techniques.

listen to what everyone is saying. also like to say its not writen in stone what each things mean, but thats how a certain demographic is calling it right now.

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Doge2682d ago

Latest examples:

Remake: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
Remaster: TLoU Remastered

Rock-Lee2682d ago

and the new Ratchet & Clank for PS4: remake

Mikefizzled2682d ago

Plot twist. Halo Master Chief Collection. Both remake and remastered.

Rock-Lee2682d ago

yeah, but like nobody cares about that you know....

STK0262682d ago

The Last of Us Remastered is a great example of a remaster done well. Resident Evil on the Gamecube is a great example or a remake done well. Now spot the differences between TLOU:R and the original TLOU, and the ones between RE on PSOne and RE on Gamecube. While the former is mostly a technical update, the latter could almost be considered a completely new game.

christian hour2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Yes. A thousand times, yes. This! stk026 and this paragraph 100 times forever dot com.

I came in and used resi 1 remake as my example too haha. Glad somebody around here remembers/appreciates the scope of that remake.

Resident Evil 1 can also be used as an example of a remaster if you consider "Resident Evil: Directors Cut" on ps1. Don't recall many people moaning about a remaster back then, AND on the same console it was originally released, guess the spoilt children of the internet werent around to do it back then like we've witnessed with the backlash towars TLOU:R

StrawberryDiesel4202682d ago

Resident Evil on Gamecube blew me away when I was younger. A lot of work went into remaking that game, perfect example in my opinion.

hkgamer2682d ago

direcors cut was a high quality remaster in a sense. some angles were different? which meant new backgrounds and a different feel. new locations(? never played it but i think it had a new room) updated character models. new music(?)

also, people didnt moan about it back then because they were sensible and think if you dont want to buy it then dont.

finaly, would like to add that games couldntbe patched like it could today, re2 had a dualshock version. street fighter had lots of different versions released almost every year. thank god for dlc and patching that allows devs to just update the game so w dont have to buy it again.

wait, capcom re5 gold and didnt allow us to download it as dlc with move controls? sf4 didnt let us upgrade to super, mvc3 didnt let us upgrade to ultimate? lol. i guess some companies stay the same.

hkgamer2682d ago

now a possibly difficult one for you.

what do you class ninja gaiden sigma as? remake or remaster?

STK0262682d ago

I'll be honest with you, I haven't played much of either the "original" or the Sigma games, as these are not games I usually enjoy much. But, from my understanding, the Sigma versions were updated versions of the original games, with a slightly better camera and added content. But the core experience was pretty much the same. If I'm right in my assessment of the situation, I'd say they were ports, not remasters nor remakes. It's not unusual for late ports to receive some enhancements and additional content to compensate for the later release date.

LordMaim2682d ago

Why is it necessary to split hairs over this language, especially with the key image being the difference between Halo Master Chief Collection and The Last of Us Remastered. It seems designed to codify that difference so that people can hurl insults at The Last of Us and yet insulate themselves against the same treatment for the Halo MCC.

Alternately, you could just say that a lot of work is going into both titles and they should both be seen as desirable products. This would be a less adversarial stance, but probably would not generate as many hits.

LordMaim2682d ago

Not sure if people disagreed because they hate Halo or they'd prefer to keep throwing mud.

christian hour2682d ago

I love halo and I love TLOU and I can't wait to play both. So I'm gonna give you a big fat AGREE! :D

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