Petition Started to Bring Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to PC

Hundreds of dedicated Metal Gear Solid fans have signed a petition to bring the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to PC. People around the world are adding their name to the list hoping to bring one of the most celebrated narrative franchises to Steam.

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Iltapalanyymi1737d ago

petition "master race" at it again.

matgrowcott1737d ago

Unless we're talking exclusives, there's never an especially good reason why X franchise shouldn't be available on everything.

There's no reason why MGS HD shouldn't come to PC really, although I can understand why Konami might have issues.

hiredhelp1737d ago

petition "master race" at it again.
YEP And why not? i hear consoles asking for HD remakes all the time Why cant PC Gamers have this after all we had the first metal gear on pc too as well as psx.

ravensly1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

console need exclusives to survive not pc. they are more pc gamers than you console fanboys

DeadRabbits1736d ago

Followed by the peasant revolt!

pandehz1736d ago

There always has to be one

GundalfDeGrej1736d ago

There are tons of silly petitions out there and this isn't one of the worst ones. Remember the "don't release GTA5 for PC" petition? I don't see how releasing the collection for PC would be bad for anyone.

Aaanyway, as usual this petition probably won't affect anything.

Kivespussi1736d ago

That GTA V petition was one of the most idiotic and selfish acts I've ever seen. Who the hell would sign it? Fanboys are stupid, sure, but that was on another level of stupidity

Volkama1736d ago

"Hundreds of people" is not really representive of the whole PC gaming community, is it?

cyril sneer1736d ago

well at least we are asking for games unlike you console gamers who made a petition to try and stop gta 5 releasing on pc.

ATi_Elite1736d ago

YES the petition Master Race is at again!

at least we are smart enough to petition for a $40 HD COLLECTION of games that never were on our platform versus paying $60 for a HD remake of a game that just came out last year.

I didn't sign the petition because and it will not garner many signatures because most PC gamers can just buy those PS3 games and run them through a PS3 emulator which will produce 1080p gameplay.

PC it only emulates EVERYTHING!

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SonyNGP1737d ago

Metal Gear was never a new franchise for the PC. But it surprises me that they haven't released any other game besides 1, 2 and Rising.

NerdStalker1737d ago

I thought pc was all superior? what a shame they don't have this masterpiece collection lol

JBSleek1736d ago

Yay! Console peasant who is upset.

You guys want collections from previous generations that are simply graphical updates on your new systems because there are no damn games on those systems and you lack B/C so you are paying for it...Game by Game


NerdStalker1736d ago

Don't make me laugh, I have a pc as well when I see a good game regardless of console I will say it's a good game. I was pointing out that pc elitists always boast on about how superior everything is when infact they don't have everything. Also why the hell would you want to play fps with a keyboard and mouse when you have a control pad, consoles are great pc is great, but in my eyes consoles win in lots of categories mainly convenience.

Allsystemgamer1736d ago

You do know 1 2 and rising are on PC right?

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The story is too old to be commented.