Ubisoft Releases Access Granted DLC

Ubisoft released some DLC for Watch_Dogs, entitled Access Granted. This DLC includes new weapons, skill-tree perks, outfits, and three new missions.

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gamerfan09093640d ago

Watchdogs is pretty rubbish. Hopefully Far Cry 4 and The Division is much better.

NovusTerminus3640d ago

It's not rubbish. It's not the end all game they said it would be, but no game really lives up to hype.

It's a solid entry into what could be a really good franchise. Remember the jump from Assassins Creed 1 to 2?

Yukicore3640d ago

But I really liked AC1... :(

Sure the way of delivering the story was a bit boring, and the story itself seemed like a big mindf*ck, but I felt more assassin than in any other Assassin's Creed game, not sure why, but all the rest AC's felt non-authentic.

The character was overpowered and non-assassin like, just a random dude who seeks revenge.

It was because the first one was created on a much more serious note, the rest were so optimistic about you assassinating all the people, you were just stabbing all the people for fun.

KTF263640d ago

I agree with you
when you think it's GTA then it's rubbish
but WD isn't GTA
say anything about Ubisoft's PR but they said it's not GTA

drjonesjnr3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Watchdogs is one of the most disappointing game ive played in a long while. Nowhere near as good as gta5 on so many levels. Its soulless and dull and good god what a bad music section. I would give it a 5/10 this game leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I'm never gonna believe another word ubishaft say.
there was nothing "next gen" about watchdogs imo

millerj27403640d ago

I'm actually having the exact opposite experience with the game. I had no expectations for Watchdogs and for the longest time I had absolutely no interest in the game at all. I was bored one day and had some ps store credit so I bought it, and I've had an absolute blast with it. My only regret was buying it digitally, since I don't see much replay value once I do get tired of it.

Basically what I'm saying is, from personal experience, I think the hype killed this game more than anything else for most people.

sungin3640d ago

but no game really lives up to hype=DAMAGE CONTROL

Geekman3640d ago

Can we go one Ubisoft article without someone complaining about Watch Dogs? The games good. It's your own fault you overhyped it. If someones revealing a game, chances are they're going to showcase it on the highest possible end of the PC. But you idiots act surprised when it doesn't look like that on the consoles. The only thing dragging the game down was Cross Gen.

WobbuffetMC3640d ago

As the author of this article, I can tell you for sure that the hyp was from Ubisoft, not us.

KTF263640d ago

Ubisoft didn't introduce it as GTA Killer
fans did it

WobbuffetMC3640d ago

Im mainly speaking in a graphical sense.

KTF263640d ago

graphical sense then yes

snookiegamer3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

The people that are disappointed in Watch Dogs are the same kind of people who soak up all the (media) hype, expecting the re-invention of the wheel. Totally like, when a friend really over hypes a particular Movie they had seen, and when you watch it yourself, you wonder what all the fuss is about.

I'm on my 2nd playthrough (Realistic Mode) with aiming assists turned off. I've even adjusted to the driving mechanic and am very happy with this IP.

I'm hoping for a sequel where 'Jordi Chin' or 'Clara Lille' are cast as the lead characters. Aiden's a super snoozefest.

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Watch Dogs Deserves A Remake, More Than Ever

With the world of information and technology, privacy and security growing every day, Watch Dogs deserves another chance in the spotlight, now more than ever.

RaidenBlack1058d ago

The only Ubi title that deserves a faithful remake right now is Splinter Cell 1.
All 2014+ Ubi titles are just underwhelming. Especially ones from 2016+ are just cancer.

LucasRuinedChildhood1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Seriously, are we so far removed from Ubisoft actually making good games that people now praise Watch_Dogs in retrospect?

"Watch_Dogs has remained one of my favourite games of the last ten years." Jesus Christ.

HankHill1058d ago

I remember being so disappointed in Watch Dogs when I played it at release. It was alright, but I think I fell for the hype and I needed a game to play on my new PS4.

obidanshinobi1058d ago

This is what happens when mediocrity gets praised as good.
Standards are slipping across the whole entertainment industry.
What was once considering rubbish is now considered as OK, what once was OK is now being praised as good etc etc.

LamerTamer1058d ago

Everyone has their own likes. I liked it a lot myself. I played through it twice and liked the car chases and the open world with fairly decent environments and missions. It suffered from the whole downgrade thing where they showed graphics that weren't actually there. No game will appeal to everyone but it was still ambitious for it's time.

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gantarat1058d ago

assassin's creed 1 should get a remake.

ExBee1058d ago

For certain! AC1 was brilliant at the time but with new graphics and gameplay it would be amazing! Do you prefer old combat or new though?

RaidenBlack1058d ago

I'd say a reimagining of AC1.
I direct AC1 remake would be a bad idea. It'll need better story pacing and significant better world building.

BlaqMagiq11058d ago

Old. Let it play like how it did with AC2-Syndicate style gameplay but refine the setting and story.

Profchaos1058d ago

It would need a lot changed for it to be enjoyable again as even back in 2007 on launch we were all complaining about it's repetitive gameplay go here perform one of three side quests repeat then assassination now do it over and over until a big battle with a unforgiving checkpoint system.