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Battlefield: Hardline Devs Address 10 Most Common Beta Concerns

CraveOnline: "EA's delivery of Battlefield: Hardline's beta during E3 caught a lot of gamers by surprise. It was announced only weeks prior, and at the time little was known about the game. That soon changed once thousands of gamers were able to get their hands on Hardline and see what differentiates it from past Battlefield games."

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Community1596d ago
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JonnyBigBoss1596d ago
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UbiquitousClam1596d ago

The one that really irks me is the survivalist gadget, it doesn't matter that you come back with only 1 point of health that fact that you can get killed but then revive yourself is stupid!

I honestly don't understand how somebody at Visceral could think that's a good idea, and why that idea wasn't immediately shut down for being ridiculous.

dbjj120881596d ago

You probably didn't like Last Stand or Final Stand in Call of Duty either then, right? Is this the first time those kinds of perks have appeared in Battlefield?

Detoxx1596d ago

Yeah, the first time.

iDadio1596d ago

Its slightly different though as with last stand you see them visibly lay on the floor alive, with this absolute joke of a gadget they completely die (you get the full kill score etc) and then if you don't sit there aiming at the corpse they are free to just self revive and then kill you from behind.

It either needs removing outright for being ridiculous or have some sort of indicator that the person has the gadget.

dantesparda1596d ago

How about the resolution? Is this game going to be 1080p or not?

AgentSmithPS41596d ago

I think it's to cover up a bug that's been in BF for a long time, I 'kill' people but they have 1 health left and then they kill me. I still sometimes get the 100 kill assist too...

spaceg0st1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

It's so lame. Say I run through 3 guys, all it takes is 1 of those three to hop up and shoot me in the back. 1 health or not! Just a bad decision choice, or I could waste extra ammo and time making sure they don't come back Alive... Sounds too much like a zombie game!

sonarus1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

My biggest issue is the fact that its EXACTLY like BF4. Which i already own

TheWackyMan1596d ago


novacav1596d ago


venom061596d ago

wow... if you think this is EXACTLY like BF4, you need to have you head examined.. please chill with the EA hating, CoD fanboy verbage... its getting old...

novacav1596d ago

True, but when has that stopped interest in shooters before? Not Battlefield per se, but it's nothing new for other series.

I see your point thought, it sucks to see DICE do that.

venom061596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

the level of no thought dumbness in these responses are already nauseating. You people have NO IDEA what the full game will have. But i guess its cool for nerds to hate just for the sake of hating.. oh well..

sonarus1595d ago

I actually despise cod series. Not the biggest fan of BF series but was a big fan of BF4 and played it quite a bit at ps4 launch. I played the beta for hardline and it was way too similar to BF4

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acharlez1596d ago

MORE Battlefield? No thanks

JonnyBigBoss1596d ago

No dude, it's not Battlefie... oh yeah it is. NOOO!!!

AgentSmithPS41596d ago

I can't wait to kick this crazy hood rat (BF) to the curb and play some better MP games from companies that treat their customers better.

english_learner1596d ago

Where is the net code issue,framerate issue?
Overpowered aim assist like in bf4....
Battlefield is dead
I'm waiting for Bc3......

Grimhammer001596d ago

Its very much a $9.99 bf4 skin. Dont even try and ssy otherwise. You'll look foolish.

But thats not even the worst part (because it will have, the problem is it feels nothing like a cops vs robbers theme game!

Since when does cops suv's and criminals jeeps sport assault cannons? Why does everyone carry a grenade?

Lastly. ..when was the last Time you saw a robbers movie with 30+ operators?

Bf4 hardline skin is pitiful

iDadio1596d ago

Cranes falling down and lot, it reminds me of the film 'The Other Guys'

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