DriveClub vs Project CARS vs World of Speed - E3 Comparison : Last week we compared two new open-world driving games in the form of Forza Horizon 2 and The Crew. This week we're looking under the hood of three brand new racing games.

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IRetrouk2285d ago

Cant wait for pc and dc, both look amazing, so hyped that so many racing games are coming :-)

amiga-man2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

DriveClub has me excited, the racing experience is more than just the cars but the surroundings you drive in and DriveClub is simply stunning drawing you further into the game and making it more real.

If it plays as well as it looks then racing fans are in for a real treat.

ATi_Elite2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

World of Speed will look good but not Super Awesome because it's an MMO meant to run on lower specced PC's plus have a ton of players. Will have to compete with Forza Horizon 2 for best racing MMO.

Driveclub looks darn good, at times better than Project Cars. (even though PC is still in Beta mode while DC is almost done)

Project Cars is the total package for me. While some are hung up on Drive Club vs. Project Cars GRAPHICS they fail to realize that Project Cars Gameplay wins by a country mile.

Advanced A.I. and Real Time Damage that changes the cars Physics on the Fly adds a truly NEXT GEN level of realism to the Racing Genre.

Take away this and I myself would NOT be playing ProjectCars as it would be just another Last Gen racer but with better graphics.

Thank You slight Madd for pushing the Racing Genre FORWARD.

BitbyDeath2284d ago

Driveclub is not a sim which is why they do not want damage affecting performance. I'm not a big racer fan but if I were to choose one over the other then I much prefer arcade racer gameplay.

Hk85karlsson2284d ago

PC is set to release 1 (!?) month after DriveClub.
So beta stage isn´t exactly the term I´d use for a comparison.

CernaML2284d ago

" they fail to realize that Project Cars Gameplay wins by a country mile. "

Thats what I thought... until I played it. Game had the exact same problems as the Shift games and its terrible.

EvilWay2285d ago

DriveClub = microtransactions galore

Project Cars = looks amazing but haven't seen enough on it

World of Speed = Have not watched one thing, I can just think of it being another Need for Speed arcade style garbage

Destrania2284d ago

Wtf are you talking about? Here's an idea, buy DriveClub outright and get all the content! Problem solved.

MysticStrummer2284d ago

Your comment wasn't even long, but I stopped reading after the first line.

Destrania2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

If anyone hasn't checked this out, they need to.

Goes to show how much care has been taken for DriveClub's creation and execution. A true next-gen experience. Can't wait.

Rhythmattic2284d ago

#41 The recordings were so accurate that BMW and Mercedes-Benz AMG requested copies to replace their existing library.

Cant wait to hear it.

one2thr2284d ago

Mother of God!!!!!

-Load times-

#51 Despite all of the above, once selected a track will take no more than 15 seconds to load.

#Drive Club

SaveFerris2284d ago

Polyphony Digital should use some of these for Gran Turismo 7, especially the bit about the audio.

S2Killinit2284d ago

what impresses me the most about Drive Club is the in engine real time flipping over of cars they showed in one of the videos. It was amazing to watch a car flip over without any cut scenes and act like how a real car would when/if it flips. really excited for it.

Give_me_head_strong2283d ago

In that same video, you can see a car hit an invisible wall on the right side of the track. And also, the car that flipped sustained absolutely no damage and continued on it's merry way after the accident. It was the farthest thing from realism imaginable, really.

Spotie2283d ago

Good thing it's an arcade/sim hybrid, and not a straight up sim, eh, troll?

S2Killinit2283d ago

well, first off, it hit the mountain side and rolled. secondly, it was still bounds ahead of any in engine flipping mechanism I've seen in other racing games (or should I say haven't seen because usually when they look that good, they don't include any flipping mechanics) Also, the game is still not released, which means they could be fixing any would be issues you might have. Although something tells me the issue you have with the game has more to do with the fact that its not on your system of choice.

PS: personally i couldn't care less if a game thats supposed to be about your racing skills doesn't have damage system because once you add that, then you have to have an effect on the handling of the car, and that sort of beats the point of a racing game.

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