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I Want Destiny To Fail

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author explains why Destiny needs to fail for the good of the industry.

Quote: "Should Destiny succeed at the seemingly insurmountable task set before it, it would only serve as active encouragement to other publishers and developers, forcing high-budget projects of this kind with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment — and for what; another persistent open world with guns and customisation that isn’t called Borderlands The MMO? — and a sales requirement that requires not just insane amounts of marketing (something that required an entire column of its own) but also copious amounts of post-release support and downloadable content and absolutely anything else that can suck more money from gamers to justify the ridiculously high cost of production."

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Clickbait Crapola
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God... I don't even..
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click bait garbage.
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Community3673d ago
MelvinTheGreat3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Please tell me more, because you clearly know what is good and bad for the the industry

NextLevel3673d ago ShowReplies(30)
Drekken3673d ago

I want a video of this guy crying the week of release. Destiny has no chance of failing.

T23673d ago

well based on the budget they spent there are scenarios where it may not have been worth the huge investment, but the game will sell a ton of copies for sure....
Also this author's article is crap, he is basically saying AAA is no good for the industry. Oh and by the way, borderlands has a great template but has tons of room for improvement which destiny could easily offer. day one for me even if it is just as good as borderlands.

johndoe112113673d ago

I for one do not want destiny to fail. I played the alpha and absolutely loved it. That is definitely my most anticipated game of the year. However, it would be totally absurd to ignore or downplay the reasoning behind the author's desire and quite frankly, I don't blame him.

Mind you, I don't agree with him wanting it to fail because I think that to be a little extreme but at the same time I can understand where he is coming from. If more companies go this route of spending insane amounts of cash to make a video game, we can have a serious problem in the future.

Atari spent $125 million to produce the E.T video game (an astronomical amount at the time) and that was the catalyst for the great video game crash of the 1980's. That game is considered to be the biggest failure in gaming history. Atari almost went under because of it and it almost killed the video game industry.

I want AAA games, we need AAA games but at the same time developers need to be smart when developing these games. No Man's Sky is an indie game developed by four guys in a studio, what do you think their budget is like? And yet look at the quality and scope of that game. A game does not need to cost $500 million dollars to be good.

The more money devs spend is the more we will get stuff like DLC, microtransactions, subscription services even after paying for the game (FFIV) and the longer it will take for digital prices to drop. Having such high costs to produce games is actually hurting us as gamers.

I love destiny, I want it to succeed, but I also hope that this does not become a trend in the gaming industry. This needs to stop, fast.

KingDustero3673d ago

Activision isn't spending $500 million on just the one game. That is their current budget for the franchise for the next TEN years. Which actually seems a little low considering that is to fund three games and multiple DLCs. I do hope though that they focus on expansions like an mmo instead of whole new games.

In all honesty the majority of the hate towards Destiny comes from people who haven't played it yet. It is an AMAZING game. I sat there and played the alpha constantly everyday after work. Destiny is a game that could change the industry for the better and it needs to succeed. Have already convinced multiple people to pre-order it and will continue to do so. Imo anyone who is a shooter fan needs to buy this game. Bungie has the ground work laid for a franchise that can easily be bigger than Halo.

Mega243673d ago

What people are failing to notice, activision is no investing $500 million dollars on just one game, its on the franchise.

Loved the alpha, cant wait for july, the neta will be even better.

Dirtnapstor3673d ago

Yup, as you said, over the next 10 years. That's been stated multiple times, not sure why or how people are confusing this with the first installment alone.

lunatic00013673d ago

@'re right but I think its the media that's at fault for many people thinking that the 500 million dollar budget is for one single game when in fact it involves all its expansion packs and multiple titles

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trywizardo3673d ago

it is coming to 360 and X1 , PC player would be closer than xbox player ... you're an idiot dude

OrangePowerz3673d ago

I can only say one thing to the autor. If he wants Destiny to fail (probably a lot if jobs depend on it not failing) he should never ever complain in the future when all he sees is sequels. Because if Destiny fails it will be a big signal for companies to not do anything new, it would be a big blow to the industry and not just Activision and Bungie.

Magicite3673d ago

I think Bungie are creative and they deserve success.
Besides Activision wouldn't bet on a bad horse.

3-4-53673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

$500 Million is far too much money to invest in a game though.

That point is probably correct, even though he does seem bitter.

* For $500 Million we could get 10+ good games.

Would you rather have 5-10 games from Bungie, or JUST THIS ONE....Destiny ?

I'd go with more games, even though Destiny looks good.

OrangePowerz3673d ago

The 500 million are not only for one game and include everything including marketing and advertisement. Also it's Activisions money and they can do with their money what they want. The only important thing is that the game is good in the end and from what I played in the alpha it could be an awesome game. Doesn't matter to me if a game costs 5 million or 500 million.

Steppenwolfmother3673d ago

If you read in other comments or articles about destiny, the 500mill is not for one game, its the initial investment for the entire franchise. They are talkiing a 10 year investment. So either expansions or sequals. They are playing a long game here.

lunatic00013673d ago

The 500 million budget is not for the first destiny but for the entire franchise which includes multiple sequels and expansion packs for the next ten years...500 million for 10 years...I think its the media that's at fault for saying that the 500 million is the budget for destiny rather than saying that its for the whole entire series

nosferatuzodd3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

to all the people who said hes not a xbox fanboy fanboy can hide their fanboyness and still make up a crappy story to justify why the game should fail nothing this man said makes any sense whats to ever

to guy under me not some ppl are cry babies xbox fans are the cry baby here. insomniacs making a game thats exclusive to Xbox 1 i don't see any ps fan acting like how these halo bungie loving fans acting pathetic just pathetic

liquidhalos3673d ago

I hope it doesn't fail, I really like bungie, they have a distinct style with their games and I really like it. It's bungies first new game since halo, that in itself in awesome, plus let's not forget that it's a multi platform which means most of us get the chance to play it which too is awesome. The article is only an opinion piece, I'll respect the authors opinion while humbly disagreeing.

MetaReapre3673d ago

I can understand his concern. It is a huge amount of money going into this game. And if they need to sell 18 mill copies to just even out, that's too much to become the norm of Aaa games. It is one of the most anticipated game of this year, this game has little chance to really fail so this budget becoming the norm may be inevitable.

CreamSalamy3673d ago

Hes main concern was 500 Million dollar investment and 18 million sales of the game to provide for even income. Problem is not 18 million on sales and I strongly believe 5 million xbone, 7 to 8 million ps4 sooner or later will be connected to it during its live spam and that's a very conservative number. What he fails to see is the constant draining of downloads and micro transaction will be heavily administer and will be a cash cow, not only will they meet 500 million but I see them gaining pass over a billion. I don't want them to fail, but they truly are on par with the hallo franchise in different suits lol.

wsoutlaw873673d ago

Ya this idea that destiny selling well, would cause other publishers and developers to spend this type of cash, is just stupid. They have always had the chance to make huge games but the risk just doesnt add up and it still wont. I hope destiny is great because it looks great and I dont want to see some huge triple A games out there. Theres a place for games of all budgets. Having this game succeed or fail only effects the future of bungie and activision. And please, stop comparing it to borderlands just because there was a map in the desert and they have guns. Borderlands didnt invent deserts.

showtimefolks3673d ago

seriously Author are you really that hurt over exclusive content? seriously some of you xbox fanboys are coming off as nothing but sour losers

get over it, Destiny is gonna be awesome. Its funny that Bungie helped make xbox brand and now that they are making a game for other systems, all of the sudden they suck

please use some butthurt cream at nights to make you sleep better

ITPython3673d ago

Yet another butthurt XB1 fanboy because his god/idol/lover/role model (aka Bungie) is now making games on the PlayStation platform.

With all the stink these people are making, somebody could easily assume that Destiny was a PS exclusive. So... keep it up! More sales for the PS4 version.

Oh and this guy has the gall to talk about insane amounts of marketing? He must have been coincidentally absent around the Titanfall launch, when even a 90 year old grandma living in the middle of the Amazon jungle with no internet, TV, or newspapers (who was also deaf and blind), could give a shockingly detailed description of TF.

MoveTheGlow3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

This is actually a very new funding model that Activision trusted Bungie with. Technically, sure, the budget was a half-billion dollars. But it's half a billion dedicated to the creation of a new engine, new systems, and a framework for a persistent, extensible world and franchise. Future "sequels" will be cheaper and heavily iterative if this succeeds, like giant expansion packs with a few new graphical polishes. It's the newest attempt at an MMO to topple WOW in market share by targeting a completely different market while using a completely different strategy. Why wouldn't you want this to do well? Hey, you just might like it in five years.

Say what you will about Bobby Kotick making Activision look bad for years, and the ridiculousness from Infinity Ward's battle over MW2 funding and royalties, but at least, unlike Ubisoft, they keep their development studios branded as such. This isn't an Activision game, it's a Bungie game. What's an Assassin's Creed game? The product of a ton of studios under the Ubi blanket in various parts of the world, and they play like they're designed by committee. Bungie is still Bungie. At least there's that.