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MMGN: If Playground’s pitch is to be believed and we read between the lines, you definitely shouldn’t buy Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox 360. If what isn’t being said is as important as the conversation itself, the Xbox 360 version will be all talk and no trousers.

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Bundi1583d ago

They better have ALL the cars FM5 shipped with and all the dlc too on disc.
Looking forward to this game. I bought Horizon just last week in anticipation of this and I must say just 2% in and I'm hooked!

SniperControl1583d ago

I totally agree with The_Infected, no need for Sony bashing, Driveclub is gonna be a very good game.

I really enjoyed the first Horizon, definitely worth a punt on part 2, just gotta get my X1 yet, c'mon christmas.

LAWSON721582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

But it was fumbled around so how is it bashing Sony. It is a fact the game was delayed and put back on the drawing board. Sure it does not need to be part of the article but seriously do people think game sites are not going to attract the fanboy wars and it is not like the two games are not going be compared when they release.

SniperControl1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

How was it "fumbled" around with, Sony & Evolution recognized early on that there were problems that needed addressing, so they delayed the game. No fumbling around at all, a precise calculated ballsy decision by them.
A decision that has benefited the game greatly, improved AI, improved graphic fidelity, improved handling physics, added weather conditions and many other improvements to the back end of the game.

Sony & Evo have always been open & honest about the game, explaining the delay and why they thought the delay was needed.