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Will Microsoft Buy Capcom? IGN Podcast

Capcom is willing to be bought out. Who is the most logical suitor? IGN's Marty Sliva, Ryan McCaffrey, and Destin Legarie discuss the possibility of Microsoft buying Capcom.

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MultiConsoleGamer1583d ago

Very likely. They pretty much have to. It wouldn't hurt them much if Nintendo bought Capcom, but if Sony buys them it would be seen as a devastating blow. (Unfortunately Sony can't afford to buy a ham sandwich.)

rodiabloalmeida1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

If Microsoft buys Capcom, Capcom games will have a hard time reaching PC gamers as Microsoft will mostly (as usually) focus on Xbox One, and that sucks.

ElementX1583d ago

MS has published a number of PC games available on Steam.

Somebody1583d ago

I fear that might be exactly what will happen if MS do buy Capcom.

gaffyh1583d ago

MS won't buy Capcom, and neither will Sony or Nintendo. If it goes to anyone, it will be a company that wants to be multiplatform focused, and mobile-focused.

ZodTheRipper1583d ago

Sony doesn't need Capcom and Microsoft wouldn't invest so much in buying them. My guess is that Konami or Bandai Namco or some other japanese company will be interested in a joint venture.

mikeslemonade1583d ago

I hope either Sony or MS buys them because Capcom has been putting out mediocre-average games that take a long time to develop since they became multiplat.

DragonKnight1583d ago

I don't think Microsoft CAN buy Capcom. I heard that only a Japanese company can buy another Japanese company.

Don't quote me on that, I just heard about that and have no proof of it.

guitarded771583d ago

@ DragonKnight

I heard that too... don't know how true it is though.

Anyway, I don't want ANY of the big 3 buying ANY 3rd party dev/pubs. It would be bad for gamers that can't afford every console, it would keep game prices higher, for longer, and it would hurt many of the franchises by cutting the audience drastically.

Of course, they could keep CAPCOM independent and still make games for all platforms. Either way, I don't want it to happen, and I HIGHLY doubt it would ever happen.

DoubleM701583d ago

Uhhmm no they want. Most games in the future will be ported over to PC. Espepcially with DX12 being on all platforms (Xbox PC mobile devices).

Furthermore I don't see Sony or Nintendo currently porting none of their Triple A games to PC.

ABizzel11582d ago

It would be good for anyone who does, but I don't see it happening from a company outside of Japan, nor one of the big 3.

1582d ago
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crxss1583d ago

and why does Microsoft "have to" buy Capcom exactly?

Sitdown1583d ago

Did you not read the comment you replied to? Microsoft would need to buy them simply to prevent Sony from having even more great exclusive. Microsoft would be able to increase is portfolio, while picking up IPs with established and dedicated fan base.... which at this point is something they could really benefit from.

ShadowKingpin1583d ago

Am I the only one who feels that it would be a huge loss to purchase Capcom with how terrible they have been over the last generation?

Silly gameAr1583d ago


All I can say is wow. That petition is so pathetic . These people are losing their minds.

Ocsta1583d ago Show
majiebeast1583d ago

That petition is one of the saddest things i have seen.

CHB_Aries831583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Truly this has to be equally as pathetic
Who signs petitions to take exclusives away from another console?
No matter what people's opinion about the final product are, this has to be the craziest thing I have ever seen.

Kayant1583d ago

"and why does Microsoft "have to" buy Capcom exactly?" - Don't you hear MS the Xbox division has unlimited funds and can buy anything /s.... It's always funny when I see all these speculation and rumors, Last E3 we had a rumor about a big third-party exclusive which ended up being nothing or I guess maybe it was shape-up looool.

johndoe112111582d ago


No, actually it's not equally pathetic. Do you know why? Because unlike the one I posted the one you linked to (even though I don't agree with it) is asking to make games available for more people to play on more platforms whereas that idiotic petition I linked to is trying to take away franchises that have been multiplatform for years and make them exclusive to one device. How vindictive, spiteful and moronic do you have to be to want something like that?

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johndoe112111583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Sorry, double post.

Ryan7411583d ago

They could buy a Spam sandwich though.

marlinfan101583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I highly doubt sony or ms is gonna buy them

truefan11583d ago

Capcom, Welcome to Microsoft. I'm liking the sound of Capcom vs Killer Instinct, imagine Akuma with an ULLLLLLLLTTTTTRRRRRAAAAAAA COMBO. Hideki Kamiya is already on board with XB1 for Scalebound, so they could bring back Devil May Cry. Dead Rising has been selling a ton on xbox consoles. The purchase would contribute to selling more xbox units in Japan. Of course adding Megaman and Lost Planet won't hurt.

Sheikh Yerbouti1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

LOL. And I can dream of Nintendo vs. Capcom too.

Too many other companies beside the console makers would be better suited and prepared...namely another 3rd party publisher. MS has a hard enough time explaining XBox to its shareholders.

Silver3601583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

maybe not a bad deal with 56.23 million shares and stock at $16.25 to buy 51`% would cost around 466 Million depend on stock rising due to impending buyout. Question is are those ip's on one platform worth half a billion dollars?
source :

Blaze9291583d ago

Out of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony - Microsoft is more likely to purchase Capcom. It makes more sense for them to do so and it's not like they dont have the bigger spending wallets.

DragonKnight1583d ago

You would say Microsoft for anything other than "out of the 3 to go bankrupt."

greenlantern28141583d ago

It will most likely be a different game developer, sony won't or can't Nintendo could but probably won't. MS might but I believe they would have to partner with a Japanese company due to Japan's business laws. Could also be Amazon, Google a different unheard of conglomerate.

3-4-51583d ago

* Whoever Buys Capcom:

* If you change everything people love about Capcom, even more so than has been done already, you could swiftly devalue your purchase and ruin the name Capcom completely.


Company A buys Capcom for $300 Million

If they then, started making "iffy" streetfighter games or making Street Fighter 5 on ios, then you would have fans refusing to buy the games, and then Capcom wouldn't be worth the $300 Million you paid.

* Whoever buys Capcom needs to immediately start work on a Megaman Legends game.

Kaze881583d ago

Bought by nintendo would hurt the most! why? well the simple fact that most of capcom loyals are on xbox/ps, they already bought SF4 four times allready (and their other fighting games etc). making them buy a separate console to play SF5 would be a hard hard sale.

ExiledBlitz1582d ago

Megaman, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil all have a long history with Nintendo fans. Those franchises would be right at home on a Nintendo console.

Magicite1583d ago

If MS buys Capcom it will be death after death.

FanboyKilla1583d ago

@ multi lmfao. Ms, capcom check, proceed to checkout. Lol

Monster_tard51582d ago

If Microsoft did buy them, the only games we would ever see from them would be Street Fighter and Dead Rising and the other IP's would just keep Rare's IP's company in Microsoft's basement.

MuhammadJA1582d ago

I hope MS buys them. Hell, I'd like anyone to acquire them EXCEPT Nintendo.

ShaunCameron1582d ago

And what do you have against Nintendo?

Deadpoolio1582d ago

Highly unlikely and retarded for people to keep claiming they will....Capcom is a Japanese company and because of that and their pride a US company would not be allowed to take them over....

josephayal1582d ago

Good luck, I doubt the Japanese government would even allow it

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iamnsuperman1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

That analogy was awful. Capcom isn't opening its front door which mean it stuff can be stolen. More like putting itself up for adoption. Looking for a new daddy

No company is going to buy Capcom. Ignoring how good their books are(which is extremely important) the cost would be way too extreme for the outcome (which would be merging capcom into the company or killing it entirely). IPs are bought when companies go bankrupt because it is extremely cheap with none of the baggage. It would be a massive waste of money for any company to do this (especially when you can bankroll the exclusives Capcom own by funding the development).

crxss1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Lol except capcom isn't going bankrupt. I can see some firm buying 51%. But the fact is, not many capcom games are system sellers… at least not for me. I see capcom games as a "oh nice it's on this system I already own" rather than "I must get xbox one for dead rising 3". They're better off remaining 3rd party which would make the whole idea of Microsoft buying them pointless. Maybe activision or ea

iamnsuperman1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

"Lol except capcom isn't going bankrupt."

Which makes any company buying Capcom even more ludicrous. I was only give an example when a company would (which would be in the event of bankruptcy). I feel my point still stands (especially considering what you said). Capcom isn't a money spinner. Why would any company fork up the price for something that isn't growing substantially

UnHoly_One1583d ago

A game being a system seller is just a matter of personal taste, though. To somebody else, Dead Rising might be their favorite game series ever.

To me, for instance, last gen Dragons Dogma was probably my favorite game of the entire console generation. You can bet I'd buy whatever console Dragons Dogma 2 was exclusive to without hesitation.

And what about Resident Evil? Granted, those games aren't what they used to be, and they aren't my thing, but they always sell like hotcakes.

And don't forget Street Fighter.

Christopher1583d ago

***A game being a system seller is just a matter of personal taste, though.***

Not really. You can relate sales of software to console sales spikes during those same periods. Capcom IPs are not system sellers. They sell to existing base market persons and do not show a sign of being a high market impact value as far as the decision for someone to buy or not buy a console.

To be honest, there are extremely few IPs that are system sellers and those IPs are 99% of the time first-party titles. Otherwise, what sells a system the most now are overall combination of cost, technology, and services.

JBSleek1583d ago

Just because Capcom is in some money spinner does it mean a company wouldn't buy it that sounds ridiculous.

Companies just don't buy companies because the company itself makes money at the moment.

randomass1711583d ago

Buying Capcom also means buying whatever their financial troubles may be. It would be nice to see their franchises get redistributed to various other publishers though.

DonDon1583d ago

Capcom just needs a good parent company. Just like ATLUS, FROM Software, and Suda 51 did. All of them wanted to stay as multiplatform developers as that would bring in the most revenue while preserving their freedom. Going first party will crush their freedom like it did with RARE. I would suggest Capcom goes with GungHo, who has countless billions, is parent company of Suda 51, and From Software, and gives devs 100% free to make what they want on ANY platform they want. Will make Capcom more money & give complete freedom.

I don't know where people get off saying Konami or Namco Bandai. They may have a lot of money, but Capcom has A LOT of franchises and I don't know how much their willing to invest in all of them. But a parent company invests ahead of time, not concerned with the project--just concerned with the financial outcome. And it's that kind of hands-off approach that a company like Capcom needs. Just let them create, not be absorbed by other game companies. Let a parent company (usually majority stock holder) just give them the money they need to do what they want, so long as they return a profit back to the parent co.

All these people saying MS, Sony, Nintendo, etc don't see how Capcom would likely make less profit and would alienate fanbases. Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms, Mega Man in new Smash Bros, Deep Down--persistent online f2p PS4 exclusive, Classic Capcom games on Wii's Virtual Console, Capcom games on PSN and soon to be PS NOW, etc are examples of how classic Capcom going first party could lead to possible lawsuits, as these other first party co's all have investments in their future projects.

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avengers19781583d ago

Well I could see them doing this, trying to secure Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and others as exclusive, but I could also see Nintendo, EA, or Activision making bids for it.
Then again maybe no one will want them... Time will tell.

OpieWinston1583d ago

Nintendo? Yes Capcom has a long history with Nintendo and they will make a shot at acquiring the rights. Do they need to? No, Capcom has plenty of exclusives and just needs character agreements to stay in place.

EA? They've got their hands full with starting up a massive amount of Star Wars IPs.

Activision? They've got WoW/D3/SC2/CoD/Destiny/Skyland ers... When they invest in an ip they go all in, and acquiring Capcom wouldn't make much sense for them. Especially after Activision dipping into their bank and buying out Vivendi on their own recently.

greenlantern28141583d ago

EA, Activision and Ubisoft are huge game publishers that own multiple developers already. Why not buy another one with established franchises. If they think they can make money they will do it.

XiSasukeUchiha1583d ago

If they wanted that Japanese support that is.

djplonker1583d ago

If they did what would happen to deep down?

xX1NORM1Xx1583d ago

I think they would have to do that as there must be some sort of contract but MS had the money to buy out most contracts I would think there is a very very slim chance MS would buy then though as it would be a very expensive acquisition and as we saw last year MS shareholders are not exactly thrilled when the Xbox division spends a lot of money but it's a double edged sword as I'm sure capcom games would bring in a lot of money for Xbox it would be a smart move as they would gain a lot of respected Japanese franchises but who knows

sinspirit1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Sony owns the Deep Down IP, I think, funded the project, and are working together with Capcom on the project.

Honestly, if anyone has the best chance to buy Capcom right now it is Sony because of their currently collaborating teams on Deep Down, and because they both coincide in Japan and it's drastically quicker to make plans with them or Nintendo than American companies such as Microsoft and EA.


Almost all private Japanese companies have a provision in their articles of incorporation requiring approval of the board of directors for transfer of shares. This means that the board of the target company must approve the acquisition, in addition to the board of the seller. In Japanese companies, management often makes up a majority of the board. When the shareholders have decided to sell, the management of the target company usually follows the will of the shareholders, but the theoretical risk exists that management could refuse to approve the share sale and block the transaction.

So, a giant company like Capcom likely has this provision and they basically have the right to options when it comes to who is buying them. It's not like Microsoft can simply walk in and put money down and own the company.

If it were first party then it's either Sony or Nintendo, because of their great relationship with both parties, and because they are all Japanese companies with a huge Japanese fanbase that they don't want to leave behind, because of drastic loss of sales that would occur from join Microsoft because of their drastic unpopularity in Japan. If it's third party then they have a few to chose from.

Kavorklestein1583d ago

Actually, when it comes to money, IT IS that simple, Microsoft can simply walk in and put money down and own the company, if the price is right.
So could Sony, or Nintendo.

Just because there is a legal side to it, doesn't mean that money isn't ultimately the deciding factor. If Microsoft came in saying "we wanna buy you for a billion dollars" and lesser offers were being made by others, then yes, Microsoft could just walk in with a billion dollars and buy the company.

There's a lot more involved and of course I'm simplifying the process, but let's be honest, when has anything EVER really not been about Money?

sinspirit1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


You completely miss the point.

What if Sony walks in with 500 billion dollars? Does this completely one sided what if situation matter? And right now Capcom has choices. They aren't going to sell to the highest bidder just because of the highest bid. They are a business, not a product. If they could sell to a better Japanese company for not much less then they will and they can chose to so long as they aren't completely bankrupt. Selling to a company that upholds their image and one they have good relation to will help their future profits.

Keep in mind the years and years that XBox has lost billions. Do you really think all the money they've spent is going to justify a huge purchase of Capcom, who is on the way to bankruptcy? It's likely that their board members won't agree to it, as good of an acquisition it is. And, they have less communication with Capcom. They also aren't profiting in their console division like Nintendo and Sony currently are, who have the full capabilities of turning Capcom around and share the same Japanese fanbase so Capcom wouldn't lose hundreds of thousands of followers.