Game-Breaking Bug in Watch Dogs

A lot of Watch Dogs customers have encountered a game-breaking bug.

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KarlosTheKid1682d ago

This game really disappointed me. I had fun with it for the first few hours, but after that all it's flaws really become apparent. I do see it's potential though so hopefully Watch Dogs 2 will rectify everything this game got wrong.

rdgneoz31682d ago

It has potential and is fun for messing around with friends in.

As for the bug, a little late to the party. It was reported back on release day... No fix yet, but they think they "isolated the problem"...

Redrum0591682d ago

It's about f***ing time the posted an article on n4g about this problem. I've had this bug for weeks now and haven't played since. I'm not willing to start the campaign over since I progressed pretty far but it pisses me off that I paid $60 bucks on a game I was only able to play for 2 weeks. I've been waiting for a fix Ubisoft

Fix it Damnit

rdgneoz31682d ago

@Redrum, notice the topic creator of the thread? :P Right after I had logged out, I got the hotspot achievement and couldn't log back in. I waited a little over a day and then just started a new game since I figured it'd be similar to the gta online bug that lost me a character. No problem since.

C-H-E-F1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

can't jump
can't shoot in cover (no look)
can't shoot while driving
can't buy and match outfits (majority sucked ass I just kept the "WHITEOUT" on the majority of the time
POLICE don't patrol, they show up once every 15 real life hours or so... How can you have a game that is within such a "governed" city that has no police on the streets?? but when they are called and the scan happens they are there within milliseconds??
can't enjoy the game after completion... granted I went for the platinum but the game was soooo dull after beating unlike the GTA giant
can't customize weapons
can't customize cars
can't stop dreading dumb hack mini games...
can't stand dull mulitplayer (fun the first 3-5 times per game mode)
can't get into the story with cheesy voice acting.. really didn't care about any of the characters... and the story was soooo flat...

so many things you can't do that should've been a given especially with the game dev life cycle of this game...

enjoyed the game till Act 2 then I did side missions and everything else because the story was just sooo flat... smh, hopefully they do alot of work with it in WD2, like they did with AC2

Dynasty20211681d ago

I found GTA far more boring.

Story was jumping all over the place at times, not much mission variety, empty world as usual etc.

CD64051682d ago

It's an Ubisoft game, they always disappoint. They promise too much and never deliver. Plus, their games go on 20 hours longer than they should.

C-H-E-F1682d ago

The drinking side mission alone was overly extended no way they tested that crap and thought... OMG they would love this... and there's so much that has been tacked on for watch dogs that was in GTAV. I wonder what kind of game was it a year ago, because the stuff like blacking out and being drunk def. wasn't in there you the screen gets blurry, but he's walking regular (no drunk animation). So much crap in this game that shouldn't and so much that isn't that should be. Def. won't be buying WD2 until I can find it used.. Ubisoft won't be getting anymore of my money from this series until they prove themselves.

frankied1011682d ago

Finally some exposure I have been on Twitter Facebook phone with them and nothing its been broken since the first Friday of release. I have over 30hrs and nothing is being said today they offered me 75uplay points..... For anyone who doesn't know it's pretty much nothing especially since I have all watchdogs Ubisoft uplay point content.... It's like offering someone with food poisoning another bite... 3rd week of the issue a game we paid 65$ for and cannot play I have tried contacting ign gamespot just to get some kind of noise out.... Nothing. This glitch is effecting thousands and we get generic responses and abysmal compensation. Check the 90% glitch Ubisoft forums it's horrible

bahabeast1682d ago

all honesty i think they just tried too hard to put soo much different stuff in the game, i wish them all the luck and im waiting for the division :)

0P-Tigrex1682d ago

Glad i didn't waste my money on this.

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