Hideo Kojima MGS4 Oxford Street Signing Report

As many people may know Monday 2nd of June was the day Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, Yumi Kikuchi began there world tour in London, Oxford Street's HMV. There were 300 limited edition sleeves up for grabs with the added pleasure of meeting them plus having all three of them sign it. Since there were very limited amount of sleeves available if you wanted to get one you were going to have to turn up pretty dam early. Many people in the clan are die hard Metal Gear Solid fans but really didn't have the time or money to spend travelling to London. Lucky for Andy Roberts a.k.a [BsE] AJR Legend lives pretty close to London so saw this as an opportunity that couldn't be missed.

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Jamegohanssj54564d ago

Oh, I was just there. I'm on my plane back to the states, so when I get home I will upload my autograph.

The Genius has spoken.

FourtyPoundSteak4564d ago

Hideo is the greatest game director ever.