Official Playstation EU Forumer got MGS4 Early

On Official playstation forums (EU) a user apparently got MGS4 early.
He has pics and photos of the box and game proving it.

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Gun_Senshi5837d ago

Where does he live? I need to steal his copy!

1 Week to go :(

MaximusPrime5837d ago (Edited 5837d ago )

looks like he got the game from outside EU.

damn i have to wait for mine.

The Dark Knight5837d ago

Its from Australia many stock holders here have the game and people must be selling them early.


superman5837d ago

Its not fair, why does he get it first.

Britjadg5837d ago

look at the screen hes playing it on, screen is brand new - with all the labels and stuff on it (look at sides of tele. to me that suggests that hes playing it in a store rather than at home.

dunno what this means. but could be that mgs4 has begun shipping to retailers already and hes playing one of them in store. makes more sense in my head!

Britjadg5837d ago (Edited 5837d ago )

clever isn't he - publishing his psnid so ppl can ask him questions.

how will konami catch up with him? not that they would probably do anything about it to be honest. though they will undoubtedly want to know whos shipping copies early.

in game Screenshot of mgs4 looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. like seriously sweet in fact.

crck5837d ago (Edited 5837d ago )

Comes with a slip cover too. That in game screen shot does look awesome.

PikkonX5837d ago

I wish they would use a slip cover with that boxart style on all PS3 games.