Comparing Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo's presentations at E3 - time spent on games

An interesting comparison for Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo's presentations at E3.

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NewMonday2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

time showing games:

Sony: 1 hour 48 minutes
MS: 1 hour 30 minutes
Nintendo: just 47 minutes

total number of games shown:

Sony: 42
MS: 40
Nintendo: just 12 games

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R00bot2214d ago

Nintendo showed a bunch more, just not in the digital event.
Eg. they didn't show project giant robot, project gaurd, S.T.E.A.M., Star Fox (!), devils third, etc. during their digital event.

NewMonday2214d ago

same goes for the others, on the show floor Sony had the most games.

AngelicIceDiamond2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

@Monday Really?

Show floor. You mean the show floor that you didn't attend? Your reaching pretty hard.

Btw indies headed to Vita don't really count seeing how they're not original Vita exclusively made titles.

They're just ports.

sinspirit2214d ago


And why are you arguing if you don't know? We all knew Sony had far more booths than their competitors. This was announced before e3. I personally know a gaming journalist that went there as well.

MS had more CGI, not ready to play games, Sony had many that they had shown last year that were available to play as well as new ones.

NewMonday2213d ago


the hundreds of media representatives attended the show, for example here is a report on vita games that includes many exclusives not talked about in the Sony show..

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DVAcme2214d ago

Wow... On numbers alone, Nintendo's showing was pitiful. MS and Sony are pretty much neck-to-neck, though Sony was able to add a lot on upcoming hardware and features to their conference, which I think was a wise choice to save for this E3 instead of last year's. MS had some great exclusives, though(Sunset Overdrive looks awesome).

animegamingnerd2214d ago

you do realize a lot of those games are just multiplats Nintendo actually more exclusives for the Wii U and 3DS at E3 then Sony and Microsoft had for their consoles

ado9082214d ago

@animegamingnerd And what does that exactly prove? Most if not all of those multiplatform games will not be on the Wii U. Meaning if you only own a wii U then it means you will not have as many selective games to play in comparison to the xbone and ps4. Obviously more exclusives need to announced for the wii u for the lack of 3rd party support that the wii u has. I hate how people will automatically assume victory for nintendo when the multiplatform support is abysmal. Exclusives aren't the only factors in considering what console did best its all the games they are all relevant.

elninels2213d ago


Assuming multiplatform games won't be on wii u is being ignorant of business practices. As lomg as wii u sells well over the next 6-1012 months those games will get ported over. No one ignores money.

DoctorJones2214d ago

NewMonday Damage Control in effect.

Magnes2214d ago

Angelicdiamond Damage Control in effect.

randomass1712214d ago

Actually NewMonday keeps trying to convince us that Nintendo's awesome conference was buh-buh-buh-bad to the bone. Isn't that more like reverse damage control?

Pogmathoin2214d ago

I am sure there is a point here somewhere.... Are we going to break it down to how many minutes per game?? How anal will it get?

MrTimesplitters2214d ago

"Just 47 Minutes" You do know that Nintendo showcased non-stop gameplay of many of the games announced during the digital event and even new ones through Nintendo Treehouse. It also showed a lot more than just 47 minuets more like 10+ hours over the course of 3 days. Also these statistics doesn't even include games like Mario Party 10, Code Name steam, Devils Third etc. Which would in total be much more than just 12 games. Overall I think Nintendo had a better E3 showing than both Sony and Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond2214d ago

Wow did someone really take the time to do this?

Lol ok.

Anyway @Monday Sony had more indie timed exclusives to fill in the gap. Not like it really matter's Sony still showed allot of games though.

But at the end MS and Nintendo's focus on games still beats out Sony's overall focus.

sinspirit2214d ago

"Focus games". What nonsense is this? Please, refer to my list below and tell me what you're talking about, and if there is anything wrong with it do tell me.

Sony e3 2014:

- InFamous: Last Light
- LittleBIGPlanet
- Uncharted 4
- Bloodborne
- The Order: 1866

- No Man's Sky
- Let It Die
- and dozens more.

- Ratchet and Clank
- The Last of Us

- Kingdom Under Fire II
- Planetside 2
- War Thunder
- and more.

_____________________________ ________________________

Microsoft e3 2014:

- Forza
- Sunset Overdrive
- Crackdown
- Halo 5

Other: Games that aren't on the scale of AAA games.
- Fable Legends(multiplayer spinoff...)
- Project Spark(just a creation tool so far).
- KI:Season 2(just a rerelease..)
- Scalebound(nothing but a CGI trailer not much to say whether it is AAA or not.)

- Inside
- Ori
- and dozens more.

- Halo
- Phantom Dust

Are there some AAA games I've missed? Who is more focused when MS showed Halo and Forza, which they show about every year like it's an excuse and Halo is terribly milked now? Do you think that a CGI trailer and spinoff franchises count as AAA just because 1st party developers make it? If the developer has little reputation or the game isn't known to be a big franchise then I would not rush to try and label it as such.

ziggurcat2214d ago

@ angelicicediamond:

MS's parity clause prevents games from coming out on xbox if it's been released on another system first... so "timed exclusive" doesnt' exist from playstation to xbox.

christocolus2214d ago


You are wrong. Warframe, contrast and even witness are timed exclusives. Atleast for now warframe and contrast are already on their way to xbox one and no mans shy was announced as first on ps4. Its a times exclusive bro.

aragon2213d ago

@sinspirit the fact u put lpb3 and an infamous add on or standalone as aaa for ps says it all for you, scalebound is aaa so is fable by your logic, project spark f2p so is project spark, dont forget happy wars

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MasterCornholio2214d ago

Thats pretty cool. I think all three did well.

Parapraxis2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Since you got this bit wrong, let me correct you, NewMonday.

Press conference lengths:

Sony: 1 hour 48 minutes
MS: 1 hour 30 minutes
Nintendo: just 47 minutes

And anyway, you are just copying text from the graphs, is there an actual point to your post?

Click through and see the graphs's really not that hard.

animegamingnerd2214d ago

how many of those Sony and Microsft games i can get on PS3, 360, or PC in 2014?

lilbroRx2214d ago

Only to the blindest of fanboys. Sony had the worst to any one who wants new games this year and isn't obsessed with Shooters.

0P-Tigrex2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Microsoft's bulk of the conference was mulitplat gameplay..a demo to a multiplayer beta access to Fable.. and some indies.. Everything else was CGI trailer 1st party IP related..... how did they win?

mkis0072213d ago

Are you trying to call the last of us, littlebigplanet, no mans sky, grim fandango, bloodborne, and driveclub shooters? Just because a gun exists in a game doesnt make it a shooter... gameplay mechanics... fps( first person shooters). Meanwhile on xbox you have...4 halo games...

DigitalRaptor2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

@ lilbroRx

Sony showed MORE. They had MORE surprises. MORE games, from MORE categories. MORE games on the show floor.

Stop with this bulls**t narrative that because MS managed to fill their press conference with 90% multiplatform games and not show anything non-gaming related because it was wise for them not to garner any criticism on that front, that they had a better conference.

MS didn't even have a game shown that could compete with Bloodborne: one of the most hardcore of hardcore action-RPGs. Everything substantial was either already known, or CGI'd to 2016.

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Automatic792214d ago

New Monday do you get paid by Sony.

Zero-One2213d ago

Piss off you and all the rest just begging to see Sony fail.

MTEC82214d ago

Slightly off topic....imo Nintendo won E3. Looking to pick up a Wii U in 2015 to complement my PS4.

wonderfulmonkeyman2214d ago

lol dat SPIN!
Sorry, but they're taking more than the main conferences into account with time showing games, so with the Treehouse, and taking into consideration Microsoft and Sony's propensity for talking about their multimedia stuff, Nintendo's was the one with more time showing games.
Stay salty!

NewMonday2213d ago

if you want to count time out side the press conference then might as well count 72+ hours for both MS and Sony

spin that!

King-u-mad2214d ago

why do people keep thinking playstation TV is TV related... do research guys... it's game related... The original name for it was the PSVita TV. Its for playing games on another TV say the one you usually use is in use you can stream what you are playing to it and or play vita games on your tv... of course it will have other features that you have on the ps4 and psvita already. apps like crunchyroll, netflix, etc...

kenshiro1002213d ago

Its like talking to a brick wall. Don't bother.

Reeze2214d ago

Goodness gracious, why does this guy even have bubbles anymore? Considering many games were presented outside of the actual presentation, it seems like he's fishing for anything he can grasp on to.

wonderfulmonkeyman2213d ago

He has bubbles thanks to alt accounts, methinks.
There's no way he'd have them otherwise unless there really are that many trolls out there who actually agree with him.XD

BullyMangler2214d ago

Bayonetta 2 trailer and new gameplay put both Sony and Microsoft shows to shame. So whats your point ?

djplonker2213d ago

You must be sniffing glue if you think any Nintendo game looked better than no mans sky....

Shnazzyone2214d ago

Writer knows how to bait. That's for sure. Hilarious stuff. Look at sony's free marketing PR group go to work. Spin it! Spin that shit. Nothing positive about nintendo can ever be allowed.

one thing can be said about the nintendo conference. It was entertaining throughout. I would like to see the percentage stats of boredom on MS and Sony's conferences.

They were grueling.

assdan2213d ago

Agreed. It disapoints me that people keep knocking sony's conference. If that 15 minute segment were taken out, sony would be the clear winner to everyone. When the fact of the matter is Sony still spent more time on games, and showed more. That has to mean something. Honestly, Sony just needs to stop having that 15 minute segment in the middle that they always do.

wonderfulmonkeyman2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

72+ hours of what?
Letting people play on the show floor?
Oh wait, Nintendo did that too.
But the difference is, they kept on showing brand-new stuff on their games through The Treehouse.
The other two did not do so.
Sony and Microsoft didn't do anything like The Treehouse. Aside from their booths, they stopped the moment their conferences were done.

Keep spinning, hater. Till you're dizzy and puking.


Pretty immature and incorrect. Hey we all grew up on Nintendo back when "now youre playing with power" still rang true but it doesn't anymore. Truth is Nintendo stopped playing with power decades ago sure they still make great games just not for adults its all kids games thats the niche theyre filling. The thing is the Wii U isnt selling great and nothing they show will fix the extreme power difference the Wii U suffers from and Nintendo has been flat out left in the dust by Sony and MS for again decades now the fact that the Wii U is Nintendos first HD console supports my claim. They said they wanted to brimg back the hardcore gamers with the Wii U and they've failed miserably on that front. They have been abandoned by 3rd party publishers who refuse to take heavy losses supporting a struggling platform. They need more games across broader genre's than they have now nothing they have appeals to anyone but kids until they fix this core problem the Wii U will continue to stay in last place. Your fanboy drivel isn't reality.

BTBuck12213d ago

i love how you got 70+ dislikes for just stating facts people don't want to hear..

facts, they are pesky things aren't they?


showtimefolks2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

everyone had great conferences for my money and my taste in gaming sony showed the most but to each their own. Also you better believe we will see some huge reveals at gamescom from sony's European development side

also at TGS

deep down
the last guardian please

also why is it that everyone cares so much about exclusives at E3, most of the big titles actually come from 3rd parties. Sony has so much timed/exclusive content from 3rd party games like MS got last gen

also getting to play destiny beta early along with battlefield beta is a huge bonus too

some of my most anticipated games are 3rd party titles

XxGOWxX2213d ago

Umm you read the graph wrong.

Those are the total times they were on stage.
67% of MS time was on games. So 60.3 minutes
54% Sony. 58.3 minutes
66% Nintendo. 31 minutes

elhebbo162213d ago

How much of those games were shitty indie and third party? Nintendo strictly talked about their OWN games, dont come with this bullsh*t about Sony having 42 AAA games.

Reverie2213d ago

Don't attack the divinity of Sony. N4g will get mad.

Kennytaur2213d ago

Way to be a dick about it with the "just". Nintendo had a much shorter show, and focused almost solely on exclusives. That's why the stats aren't in their favour. And yet, they were the most focused, with least amount of filler and in my opinion had the best presentation.

Sony actually had the worst presentation of the three in terms of momentum and focus, but some of the games shown were more interesting than what shown at Microsoft. The whole movies part brought Sony down.

elninels2213d ago

Present the information, then offer your opinion. Present your information with passive aggressive "just's" for nintendo information doesn't allow readers to reach their own judgements undeterred.

Nintendo kept it short and sweet, and I believe all the games they showed were exclusive, please correct me if im wrong. Where is that information in your post?

Nintendo showcased why one should want a wii u, and if it begins to sell then many of those multiplat games shown on Microsoft's and sony's stage will come to wii u.

I will buy a wii u either this winter or spring, based largely off of e3 this year.

AndrewLB2213d ago

Your numbers are BS because what you're listing there is time spent presenting. Look at the pie graphs and do a little math and you'll see that Microsoft spent 60 minutes showing games and Sony spent 58 minutes showing games. The rest of the time both companies were talking about other things.
Microsoft also spent more time showing gameplay and discussing it than Sony did.

Also, over half of the games Sony talked about or showed off wont be available till 2015 at best while the vast majority of Microsoft's games will be out this year.

Seems to me that since Sony had so few games to show, they packed the presentation with games that are more than 7 months off.

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MNGamer-N2214d ago

Percentage of games: 90%.
Percentage of percentages: 76%
Percentage of time wasted on this article: 100%
Brain cells burnt: 89%.

What is this a math quiz? F*** I need a calculator.
Nintendo won, Microsoft 2nd, Sony third. May the fanboy rage commence.

NNID: Nate-tendo
PSN: MNGamer-N