Does A Console’s Graphical Power Still Really Matter?

"It’s that time of year again. E3 is upon us. The annual gaming convention largely boils down to a dick waving competition for the industry’s biggest companies. Everyone wants to show how pretty looking their games can look. This year being much more important than most, with Sony and Microsoft both eager to prove their console is the best. I think the whole showing how good games look thing may actually mean less now than ever before. I think we’ve hit a point where everything kind of looks good. Does a consoles graphical power still really matter nowadays?"

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GamersHeaven1646d ago

Of course it does if it didn't matter why would any one purchase a new console?

Abash1646d ago

The stronger the console, the better the games can be made. Less bottlenecks and limitations, so graphical power means way more than just how good a game looks

GarrusVakarian1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

"graphical power means way more than just how good a game looks"

So true. The more power, the more a dev can do in *every* aspect of the game.

darthv721646d ago

The less bottleneck thing i can agree with. But I am of the age where bottlenecks (limitations) made it that much more enticing for devs to find creative ways around them.

Coming up with their own tricks to make things appear on screen that virtually made it seem like a whole new system had been replaced right in front of our eyes. And yet it was still the same system we had been playing for years. (genesis, snes, ps1...etc). We continue to get those moments but nothing like the old days.

Removing those limits is a pro and a con at the same time as it means the devs are not as inclined to push their own skills further than needed. Letting the hardware do all the work (as it should be) would allow for their creativity to flow. Unless they purposely hold back on one project to make their followup something really special.

Qrphe1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


By enticing you mean forced since they had no other choice. Naughty Dog, 343, and Nintendo have done great things with limited hardware in the last couple of years.

Septic1646d ago

Just look at Uncharted 4 and you've got your answer. Better graphical power means better immersion and a better attachment to what's going on in the game.

LOGICWINS1646d ago

^^Dat Uncharted 4 tho!

Probably my most anticipated game of 2015 next to Mortal Kombat X and Bloodborne.

THE-COMMANDER1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Totally agree, not just better graphics, but better gameplay mechanics and overall performance of the games.

Army_of_Darkness1646d ago

Whatevssss... 900p is the new 1080p :-P

Imalwaysright1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@ septic

uh bullshit... Story and well developed characters are what allows for more attachement to the game, That is why FF fans consider FF6 (SNES)to be one of the best FF games and FF13(PS3/360) the worst one.

ShinMaster1646d ago

It's not just about shiny graphics. But overall better performance as well.

Boody-Bandit1646d ago

"Does A Console’s Graphical Power Still Really Matter?"


SilentNegotiator1646d ago

Well said.

Do we really need one of these "do graphics matter?" articles every 12 hours?

PersonMan1645d ago

Why are we still pretending that developers are going to use that extra power to do MORE with their game other than visually. They're obviously going to pack the game with more visuals because that's what sells. However, the gameplay will still be average. Just look at Killzone Shadow Fall... is there really anything in that game that couldn't be done before? Not really... it's still just your average shooter when you look beyond the sparkle.

ChickeyCantor1645d ago

"the better the games can be made"

Eh that's subjective. I for one am not a big fan of "cinematic" experiences. Because that's what new tech is mostly used for these days.

But if it means vast and bigger worlds. Or complex battle systems, I'm all up for it.

miyamoto1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

People just need to look back at the SNES vs. the Sega Genesis and see how that turned out even if the SNES was launched a year later.

I love the Genesis more than the SNES, because of evne if it has only 64 colors compared to 256 of the SNES, the developers used those few colors wisely on games like Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2& 3, Shinobi III, Streets of Rage 2, Ristar,.... but you have to give credit where credit is due.

Starfox, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Mario RPG, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter II showed the SNES graphical power over the Genesis in the long run.

So did the PS3 over the 360 and so will the PS4 over the Xbone.

These console's debunked & busted the myth that less powerful consoles always win.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1645d ago

Ps2 wasn't stronger console it's not all about power now is about online gaming better server and have a good games Xbox fans play online more than Sony fans and people buying Xbox because they know Xbox live is the best for online gaming

Visiblemarc1645d ago

I agree, but it's also about graphics.

Then some PC guy says "if you cared about graphics you'd get a PC."

Ignoring the fact that such a statement only makes any sense in a world where exclusives don't also assumes that if you say "graphics matter" that you mean "only graphics matter."

It's like telling someone who prefers a 6 cylinder Honda Civic over a 4 cylinder "if you cared at all about performance you'd get a Bugatti Veyron."

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Eonjay1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Well said. It is the power that will open up opportunities to deliver greater experiences. Game developers are also artists. What benefits them benefits us.

harrisk9541646d ago

It only mattered LAST generation, when it was XB360 vs. PS3. This generation, it doesn't matter. Interesting.

madpuppy1646d ago

I love it when someone sees the pattern clearly.

A ten line difference in resolution was enough to recommend the 360 version over the PS3 version. Now, there are hundreds of lines of res difference between The ps4 game version and the Xbone's But, for some reason it doesn't matter anymore.

cannon88001646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I remember reading an article a long time ago, about what people attending E3 were most excited for, and more than half said that they were excited to find out how good the games were going to look. So yes, graphics do matter. Another thing that people are forgetting about these consoles is that they have special GPU's. These can take tasks that would normally run in the CPU and run it in the GPU with really good results. So that's another reason why having a powerful APU is very important.

lfc_4eva1645d ago

I entirely agree that how a game looks is hugely important before a game launches. After all the consumer has little else to gauge the game by. So games that look awesome get loads of attention. However once you get that game home, remove the wrapping and bang it in your console, your entire experience could be different. Well it looks great but plays like sh!t.

tgunzz1646d ago

My main reason for purchasing new console is because of the continued/new content. Graphics are now at levels of which you are ok with not going next gen until they are no longer making great games for last gen. My move forward is always based on constants....

thehobbyist1646d ago

Really? Because the content of last gen performs worse than this gen. Have you played Drakengard 3? Nearly everything in that game drops the framerate. Thus ruining the content because it plays like ass. Meanwhile, the new Wolfenstein is getting some SMOOOOOOTH framerates which definitely makes the content more enjoyable.

fr0sty1646d ago

Do realistic looking worlds immerse us more into the game we're playing? Or even lack of distractions like low resolution, blurry textures or flickering, jagged edges make even non-realistic looking games look worse?

fr0sty1645d ago

Sounds like we have several fools who need to go back to playing Atari.

quenomamen1646d ago

Exactly, you read all the " who cares, its gameplay that matters, I dont care about the graphics " excuses. Graphics have played a part of video games sincd the first time u played Pac Man or Mario Bros at home and it looked just as well as it did at the arcade.

Now they dont matter ?? Yea ok sure. Git rid of your PS4s, X1s, PS3s, 360s, PS2s and go back to Calico Vision if you dont care about graphics.

BX811646d ago

I agree, it still matters but it's not the only factor in making great gaming experiences.

nosferatuzodd1646d ago

ever since xbox kids find out that no matter what microshaft tell them ps4 is always and will always be the better system in the graphics department all of a sudden all these articles saying graphics doesn't matter now really, ok if you guys say so why upgrade then stay with you're 360

herbs1646d ago

4 Points to consider when discussing hardware power and graphics.

1. The laws of diminishing returns.
2. Sometimes limitations can bring about more creativity and vice versa.
3. Higher frames per second improve how games look and play whereas resolution and extra effects only makes games look better (immersion).
4. Theoretical specs don't ever tell the whole story...

herbs1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Everything I have stated above is completely unbiased and factual and all I get are disagrees lol...
My comment must therefore be beyond your typical N4G gamers intellect and comprehension or you are all just being a bunch of assholes probably both lol...
Fact > Opinion
Give me all your disagrees dumb asses.

lfc_4eva1645d ago

Wholeheartedly agree with point 2 there.

I'm old enough to have played from late 70's and through the awesome home computers of the 80's.
I owned a speccy, which was totally owned in terms of specs by the C64. This forced the programmers of the time to be super creative, working within the limitations of the speccy. This made most people still buy the speccy despite technically being inferior. Way more fun!

MTEC81646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@gamerhaven, exactly!

Tired of these stupid articles already this gen, I can remember last gen when said console had the superior version due to better blades of grass, slightly better AA and so on. Huge debates would happen in damn near every multi plat game.

Now ask any pc gamer if it matters. Hell, ask Rock* if GTA would be what it is if the hardware still held them back at 2D. I guess I should sell my PS4 and just go back to my PS1. SMH.

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago

For new ways of playing?
Graphics don't matter as much as they used to; the leap between this gen and last gen isn't as large as the one before it was, in graphical terms.

What matters more now is the different interfaces that will be used with our games.

Sony's Morpheus and Nintendo's Game Pad are proof that the companies are starting to come around to this realization as well.

BitbyDeath1645d ago

'the leap between this gen and last gen isn't as large as the one before it was, in graphical terms.'

Recommend you watch the new Uncharted trailer. The leap with this gen blows every other away by a massive margin.

wonderfulmonkeyman1645d ago

Already did, Bitby.
I still say that the difference isn't as large.
Because it's not, by comparison.
PS3 to PS4 is a far shorter leap in graphics than PS2 was to PS3. Period.

sAVAge_bEaST1646d ago

Exactly, It always has, and always will.

assdan1645d ago

I'm tired of these articles. Yes power still matters author. No get back and enjoy your overpriced xbone.

My_Outer_Heaven1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

AGREED! If it did not matter I would still be rocking my Sega Master System! I hate articles like this...

I guess loads of people are trying to justify their Xbox One purchases. Most my friends have already switched to Sony and could not be happier. Wow Halo collection is coming but I bet most Xbox owners have already played them all. I would certainly not buy a console to play games I've already completed. They should really bring the Halo series to PC.

It comes down to this... PS4 is more powerful, fact!
Cloud computing? I've not seen this implemented yet and I doubt it's going to make much difference and now that Microsoft aren't forcing users to always be connected, that cloud computing bull shit will never come to light considering a lot of people might not want to be connected online in order to play a game so that it can be rendered using cloud computing, it's a vicious cycle I'm affraid.

slivery1645d ago

Been saying this for years mainly to Nintendo fans (No offense, I am a fan of Nintendo but not a dumb one) but jesus that is all I heard in Wii U forums, was this...

Most people in Wii U forums will say power doesn't matter but then I ask why didn't you just keep your Wii then? Why even upgrade a system if power doesn't matter to you? Why aren't you still playing Magnavox Odyssey or Atari if that's the case lol, that is how I look at it.

Azzanation1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Then gamers should just invest into gaming PCs.

After seeing what Nintendo is doing with the new Zelda Wii U, hardware doesn't matter. Its the devs and always was the devs.

Just look at Ryse and Killzone, both mediocre games but look fantastic. Then look at Mario Galaxys on Wii. The game that people recognised as the game of last gen was design and made on hardware no where near the PS3 or 360 potential yet that game still stood toe to toe in visuals.

kenshiro1001645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Mediocre? Have you played Killzone SF?

higgins781645d ago

PR? I for 1 rushed out to buy a PS4 at launch - discarding my PS3 in the process, why...heaven knows. Thus far my PS4 has been little more than a paperweight. Thank heavens for my Wii U without which I would bee severely jaded.

kenshiro1001645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Funny how this question is asked the minute it turns out that the PS4 is a powerhouse.

gapecanpie1645d ago

For consoles no because the difference between them are laughable at best...

lfc_4eva1645d ago

Didn't seem to be an issue when original xbox was more powerful than ps2.

bigfish1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I agree power does matter, but it has to be coupled with good games. Games and power = success.

Look at the Wii U for example, if the Wii U had PS4s graphical power it would still flop because of a lack of games... so yes, graphical power does matter but it has to be combined with good software.

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Moonman1646d ago

Only when true talented game developemnt is behind it! :)


And that's where Naughty Dog comes in.

Imalwaysright1646d ago

Finally someone who gets it. The work, creativity and talent that the devs put behind their games is what will ultimetaly define the quality of a game. You could have the most beutiful game in the world but if that is the only thing you have going for it then what is the point?

Spotie1646d ago

Better quality is not the question. To expect that is a given.

But graphical quality has also always been a question. The whole of last gen, Xbox supporters made the most of even the most minor differences.

Now, for some reason, that same crowd is all for ignoring even greater graphical disparities than the previous generation.

No one is discounting gameplay or any other aspect of a game. But early on in a generation, the most obvious difference from the last set of hardware- and the only one we should really be expecting, honestly- is graphics.

Especially as it pertains to consoles, a gap in graphical performance between competing consoles, or even the previous gen, has lots of implications for the next few years.

So, again, other things have not lessened in importance just because of these new consoles. But, despite the best efforts of a specific crowd, graphics still count for something.

assdan1645d ago

And Sony has the most talented devs.

iamnsuperman1646d ago

Well yes. It is always nice to play something that looks nice. Sure everything looks nice but it is still nice to be wowed by something extremely and abnormally beautiful

darthv721646d ago

I was reading your comment and agree with what you said needed at least one more "nice" in it.


Flutterby1646d ago

Yup I bubbled you up for nice comment.

randomass1711646d ago

Yes, to a degree. Better hardware often leads to better visuals, but it isn't a guarantee. You need very talented artists behind the hardware. Without the artist, the hardware is practically worth nothing. Ask John Lasseter of Pixar, he'll tell you exactly the same thing.

bigrob9041646d ago

yes, exactly. i always think it's funny when people ask this question. if it didn't matter, we wouldn't nitpick over which had the better textures, or which has better colors etc. if graphics didn't matter, we would still be playing games that look like san andreas. anytime somebody asks this question i feel the need to slap them.