Watch Dogs Guide: Unlimited Money Glitch

Thought you knew everything about Watch_Dogs? Do you know how to have unlimited money?

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-Foxtrot2217d ago

Not like it matters as theres hardly anything to spend it on

CooliSushi2216d ago

This^ I'm having a hard time myself finding a way to spend just the $200k I made in the game so far

AnEwGuY2216d ago

No kidding. I've finished the game, and I have about $1.3 million dollars left over to spend...on nothing but stupid outfits, that all look basically the same anyway. There should have been a LOT more weapons, in specific classes (especially Spec Ops), and mods that you could purchase for them. I used the same weak silenced pistol for most of the game, because it was the only weapon that was single-shot that I could use for CQ stealth (of course it was also ridiculously easy to do takedowns, but that's a different story...).

Why o why2216d ago

Lol. Yeah, from the silenced pistol to the special ops goblin. . . They were my main squeezes. That top end grenade launcher and top end sniper riffle were pretty much all I used. I felt too rich. . .like and young sheikh in Knightsbridge

crusf2216d ago

Does this work in real life?

Skate-AK2216d ago

If you do the Konami code first.

greenlantern28142215d ago

I have bought everything you can buy, outfits, guns, cars and still have over 2 million bucks. Money isn't an issue in this game. I wish you could give it to the homeless people in the game.