Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

You've got to hand it to EA for a slick piece of fan-service. After completing its press conference with an action-packed look at Battlefield Hardline, the firm revealed that it was releasing beta code for PC and PS4 immediately, with none other than Sony VP of publishing and developer relations Adam Boyes popping up on stage to reveal how BF4 owners could get instant access to the code in all of its "1080p, 60fps glory". Live-streaming to the world is one thing, releasing code direct to gamers there and then is quite another - it's the ultimate crowd-pleaser, in this case marred by just one fact: the PS4 beta doesn't live up to the claims made for it.

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CaptainFaisal2220d ago

I didnt enjoy the beta that much, maybe it was the gamemodes or the map. I dont know, all i know is that it plays exactly as BF4 but with an entirely new skin. But dont get me wrong once my friends and i played together it got a bit more fun, i think they wanted this game to be played with friends. Trust me no communication between you and your squad you will have a hard time winning.

venom062220d ago

absolute BLAST playing this beta... and by NO MEANS is this any kind of DLC just because it's using the same FB3 engine (if this is a DLC, every CoD game has been a DLC since MW3 since that all have looked similiar and used the same engine).... having a ton of fun playing this and can't wait for more info and more footage..

CaptainFaisal2220d ago

Im pretty sure i didnt say this was a DLC... I said "skin". And please sir never put CoD in a battlefield zone NEVER!
If you liked the beta then good for you, every person has their own opinion, but i sure as hell will buy this BF and the next one i just cant stop x_x

Minute Man 7212220d ago

Time to milk the BF franchise. I'll be skipping this but will grab BF 5 if there is no problems with their on-line at launch

sovietsoldier2220d ago

just a money milking project for a failed development team [moh team].

CaptainFaisal2220d ago

Was MoH that bad? I enjoyed it alittle, its better than CoD ghosts ^^ lol. Im comparing it to CoD because MoH was like CoD infantry only and small maps

Matt6662219d ago

MOH was amazing, especially since it was based on true events.

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The story is too old to be commented.