210° MGS4 Launch Center and Review Countdown

Gametrailers has opened a Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patrios launch center where attendees can find trailers and other media pertaining to MGS4. Other noteworthy media include interviews with Hideo Komima and a four-part retrospective feature in which Gametrailers divulges into the long history of the Metal Gear series.

Included in the launch center is a countdown clock for their review of the game slated for June 10, 2008 at 12:00 noon.

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crimsonfox4987d ago

o_O someone thinks there special.

donator4987d ago

Haha, I just realized that because the title of the article was long, it reads: " MGS4 Launch Center and Review ..." leaving out the countdown.

How misleading...

crimsonfox4987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

thats why i clicked on it in the first place

oh snap donator i just realized it's your story

krackchap4987d ago

gametrailers review?/
no thanks, i dont want my game spoiled with all that unseen footage and spoilers and i hate that dude's(who reviews the game's)voice.

Michael Jackson4987d ago

I agree. I remember when I saw their Uncharted review and I knew that I just saw the ending of that game. And I was right. You could see the huge gold eldorado statue and the 'Sully interrupted' kissing scene.

Jamie Foxx4987d ago

i shaking in anticipation for your golden fleece of reviews...pfft you as a site have no credibility and get over yourselfs 'a countdown' are you serious your not IGN

eagle214987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

Enjoy this summer blockbuster guys. I sure will. :)

Gametrailers will countdown to my foot up their A$$ if they pull a lame one again....I ain't joking either!

I recommend not watching any of their spoiler ridden videos....

PR0NE4987d ago

be sure to put some oil... i don't have much faith in 'em...

eagle214987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

I think pointy shoes or spiked cleats work better..... I'm so bad :p

DarK-SilV4987d ago

I think everybody is waiting to see what score they will give to MGS4

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