Skyrim Modded Shows Visuals That May Never Be Achieved By Most Current-Gen Multiplatform Titles

DSOGaming writes: "Watch_Dogs has finally been released and unfortunately, it’s not up to what most gamers were expecting (graphics wise). And that’s a bit disheartening – especially if this is to be considered the showcase of current-gen multiplatform titles – as Skyrim modded is more impressive than it."

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DxTrixterz2504d ago

This is why there needs to be more PC games. When you buy a console game you are stuck with what you get. On PC you can modify game as much as you want. Can you imagine what you could do with GTA 5 with mods if it only came out on PC.

--bienio--2504d ago

I agree with what you say, but not surprise me that after E3 everyone will be talking about the new title from RockStar whose will not be on the PC. As a player Pc is hurts .. although there are some manufacturers like Ubi, CDProjekt Red so hope is that the PC will have good games...

mogwaii2504d ago

And therein lies the problem "....if it only came out on pc" consoles have the best games, the best exclusives and you dont have to continually tinker with it, simple, easy, neat. I'll take console anyday.

MaxwellBuddha2504d ago


I guess what they say is true: ignorance IS bliss.

JsonHenry2504d ago

Agreed. Ingorance is bliss. If you don't know what you're missing you can't miss it. :)

But the consoles DO have good exclusives. I'm not denying that. But the PC has a lot of good exclusives as well.

ThePope2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Maxwell he's not wrong. I and many enjoyed my 360 for 8 years, and the games only looked better over time. The same can't be said for PC. On an 8 year old PC games only look worse because developers take advantage of the new hardware available.

If that wasn't the case new components wouldn't come out multiple times a year, they would be redundant, but they in fact markedly improved over older models.

Smelly1sam2504d ago

@ ThePope

What? The reason new hardware for PC comes out all the time is because technology moves forward and companies want to show that they have the best hardware, so people would buy from them and make more money. Just because new hardware comes out doesn't mean you have to buy it right then and there. I built my rig years ago and guess what, it runs better now than it did back then with no hardware upgrades HOW? Driver updates and better programming of games. Back in the day (around the time the 360 came out) it cost a good amount to make a PC that was better than the consoles but now with amazing GPUs/CPUs like the 750ti & i5 you can make an amazing computer that surpasses consoles for around the cost of a console and dont give me the "consoles optimize better" when they are built like a PC this gen. I love my PS3, console gaming isnt crap but in the end a PC will give you the most freedom and enjoyment for your buck with cheap games and great sales.

duplissi2503d ago

The games argument is simply not true, for every game that comes out on console that doesn't on pc there are dozens that will not see the light of day on a console. Easier? to a degree, yeah consoles can be easier to manage. but that is a trade off. Better experience for a little effort or a good enough experience with no effort?

The best things in life are the ones you work for... at least thats what they say.

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Enate2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

If a game gets mod tools and a decent mod community, yea it can be great. However that is actually pretty few far and in between. There are plenty of games that have none or terrible mod support. An obviously everyone already knows exactly what would happen with GTA V if it comes out on PC. The same thing that happened to GTA IV shiny real world cars an fx high res shadows.

@Smelly1sam most freedom I agree with but most enjoyment is a matter of perspective. An amazing is a strong word to be using for a rig with a 750ti. An without skimming in quite a few areas you are still looking at 600 plus. I'd rather go full on with a console then have a weak PC. Considering there are still games that bring $700 graphics cards to their knees at 1080p. An yes I built my second pc with a 3770k overclocked to 4.2ghz an a GTX680.

DarthZoolu2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Are you crazy? No game brings a $700gpu at 1080p "to its knees, lol 2x7970 6gb can run Crysis 3 @ 5760x1080 just fine. The only way any 2012+ $700 gpu couldn't run anything @1080p is if you bought it from..... no there is just no way. Also if you can't beat a PS4 with a $400 rig you don't know who to build correctly because who's gonna waist $100 on an OS.

Enate2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

I'm sorry but I don't pay $700 to have my fps drop below 60 that's inexcusable. Especially since lately everyone seems to have some grand opinion about the consoles inability to do it on every game. I know wtf pc is capable of anyone can clearly see that bs all over youtube. An I said gpu not gpus but I digress because no one ever pays attention they just like to run off at the mouth. Dual gpus offten costing the same price as a higher end one usually perform better.

I'm talking about a single GTX 780ti today should not drop below 60fps at 1080p. Again no exception since you don't seem to understand that. Mother ******* like you are the reason why I never post about this stuff because you don't know what you are talking about. An at 400 you are going to have a straight up garbage PC stop trying to fool people into your bs. Show me a PC at that price that isn't straight garbage for 1080p gaming on everything.

Don't worry I won't hold my breath. An no one said a damn thing about paying $100 for an os stop assuming.

DarthZoolu2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Don't be stupid! Anyone building a pc thats gonna spend $700 on a graphics solutions is gonna try to get the most bang for their buck! Only an idiot just buys one of the most expensive single gpu cards then complains that its bring games to their knee because you weren't just talking about that single gpu you were talking about any $700 gpu which includes 2x gpus. Also you can got to Toms and see plenty of builds stronger than a PS4 for the $400 price range. I spoke on the OS to say that the entire $400 go to hardware. GTFO!!!

Enate2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Darth just stfu I was talking about a single gpu if I was talking about sli or crossfire I would of said it. I didn't say an gpu configuration u just went off an assumed that shit. In an attempt to not sound like an idiot. Just like someone who from the pc only community would. An some bs teraflop calculations don't mean shit when they are getting garbage frames. An you attempted to bring up multiple configuration because what I said was ******* true. Don't bs me about someone getting the most bank for their buck you don't speak for everyone. I have seen plenty of builds with single GTX 780ti so just gfoh with your bs logic.

Stronger then a PS4 yea you keep telling yourself that starring at them bs benchmark numbers. PS4 although similar still operates vastly different then a PC so direct comparison is retarded. If you don't know they you shouldn't even be in this conversation. An FYI not everyone pirates their copy of windows so yea some people do include windows in their build.

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matrixman922504d ago

what kind of rig do u need to play something like this

TheDevKit2504d ago

It depends what resolution and frame rate you want to run it at.

ZodTheRipper2504d ago

Mine comes close to these visuals with more or less steady 70fps (I prefer 70 to 60fps), I have a GTX780 and a i7-4770k. To achieve the visuals in the screenshots with constant 60fps you'll need at least a Titan.

DoomeDx2504d ago

Why do you prefer 70 to 60 if I may ask?

You have a 70Hertz monitor or something?

ZodTheRipper2504d ago

No I'm playing on a TV (I don't know the refresh rate) but after testing a lot I found that 70fps works the best for a fluid experience, reduced tearing and input lag. 60fps with Vsync is a nightmare for me :D

blakstarz2504d ago

I'm pretty sure that if devs focus purely on one next-gen console (either XB1 or PS4) and had the resources, funding and time catered. It can be done.

masterfox2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

So I just watched those pictures and imo I think is nothing to brag about, Crysis modded looks hell lot better with mods and the most important thing is actually playable :D

Seriously if PC gamers get excited by those pics, what a shame then.

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