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admiralvic2500d ago

Not surprising, but I'm glad the game is still in the works for those eagerly awaiting its release.

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TomShoe2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

The Last Guardian not cancelled.

E3 is tomorrow.

All is good.

MightyNoX2500d ago

Can't spell Ignorance without IGN, I suppose.

Come on, E3.

BallsEye2500d ago

They better say release date is this month. I dont't want to see another trailer and then wait again 5 years.

alexkoepp2500d ago

Should be cancelled, giant bird monster game? Lame

Phatty2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

If it doesn't show up at E3 it will be the last time I give a crap about it...

Prime1572500d ago

Lol, alex. Guess you missed out on ICO and shadow of the Colossus...

Oh, it's alex, what am I saying, you never have it a chance because it's PlayStation exclusive.

morganfell2500d ago

You have to love this tweet by Neil Druckmann showing IGN's sources:

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Dark112500d ago

Not cancelled eh? i will wait for June 9th to know for sure
The game has been in development hell for long time.

MrSec842500d ago

Sony may wait until TGS this year to re-announce, because Team Ico are a part of Sony Japan, although given that E3 is probably the biggest event of the year in gaming they probably will bring it back there.

If it's not shown I still wouldn't count on it being a canceled title, not until Sony says themselves that is definitely not coming.

thorstein2500d ago

Consider that it was to be PS3 then, during development it switches to PS4. To do it right, I think the timetable makes a ton of sense.

Now...Agent, on the other hand, needs to show something.

No_Limit2500d ago

Thank god the IGN news was a fake. Hope we get to see this game at E3, hopefully now ported to PS4 and not PS3.

colonel1792500d ago

The problem with IGN is that they report on these speculative rumors as facts. If you saw the story in other site, it would clearly state that is a rumor, but as you can see in the headline, they wanted people to believe it as true.

truefan12500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Rohde should have just ignored it and let everyone think it was fake, I mean E3 is tomorrow. That would have made a possible E3 reveal that much better. Now everyone will expect an E3 reveal since he said it was not cancelled.

Kayant2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

True it would make IGN look that much more pathetic. Damn really wish they did that. I mean IGN still have their headline as saying it's canned even after the update. Truly a shitty site showing their true colours.

torchic2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

maybe that's a hint that it won't be at E3? the fact that Rhode was willing to say it's not cancelled a day before E3 who knows... Sony will probably show Project Beast as their Japan Studios representative game and save The Last Guardian for TGS. maybe Final Fantasy XV will be at the Sony stage as well

0P-Tigrex2500d ago

Final Fantasy 15 won't be on stage. Neither will KH3

andibandit2500d ago

Yes that wouldve made sense, im guessing hes saying it now because they sadly dont have any stuff for e3.

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imt5582500d ago

The Last Guardian is Not Canceled

Yes! We know that!

Karpetburnz2500d ago

Xbox trolls went crazy trying to claim ownage, bet they feel stupid now.

jebabcock2500d ago

In all fairness. The game has been in development forever. There is plenty enough fodder there for anyone who isn't a fan of Sony to criticize regardless of whether it is or isn't cancelled. The budget on it must also be fairly massive at this point if it has been in active development this whole time...

As much as I gripe at MS about slapping things out there like milo just to appease crowds.. Sony is just as guilty with this. The Last Guardian was supposed to showcase the PS3's potential and it completely missed the boat on that. Hopefully they can upgrade it and put it on the PS4. I'd still be interested in it if they did that but im honestly not as hyped about it anymore. Sony really dropped the ball with this title regardless of how things pan out.

XiSasukeUchiha2500d ago

Yep like I thought it would happen it's just canned for PS3, coming as a PS4 exclusive in 2015 :)

andibandit2500d ago

Yes its confirmed for PS2015

Magicite2500d ago

You cant cancel what haven't been started /s.
On a serious note, we need some proof to support our hopes, some screenshots or a new video.
Hopefully we get new info at upcoming E3.

showtimefolks2500d ago

yeh thank you ign for proving once again your site is all about trying to get m,ore hits through your own created controversy

otherZinc2500d ago

Lol! This series was never a system seller! 4 people like this series.

If this pos is still in development, that explains why Moodys Industrial Manual and Standard & Poors Downgraded SONY stock to Junk Status.

starchild2499d ago

I was pretty sure it hadn't been cancelled because Sony had said several times that it was still being developed, but it's nice to get another confirmation. I hope we see it at E3.

CoyoteHunter2499d ago

agreed. Been waiting this long for info, so a bit longer won't hurt.

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Majin-vegeta2500d ago

Lol I knew it.People went bat crazy.They probablY canned the PS3 version and moved it onto PS4.Just like ICO was to come out on PS1 but came out on PS2.

Rimeskeem2500d ago


Screw you trolls

Gardenia2500d ago

Well of course it isn't. It is one of Sony's most anticipated exclusives. It would be a bad move to drop that

dboi7872500d ago

So excited! I literally went from sadness to pure excitement. Gotta love E3 week