Galactus causes havoc on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 online

Original Gamer: "If you play Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 online on the PS3, well I offer my sympathy as the hackers have learned how to manipulate the game and play as Galactus online. Hopefully Capcom will address this soon."

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majiebeast2509d ago

Chris G,Philipino Champ and Justin Wong vs Galactus. Lets make it happen for Evo 2014.

theRell2509d ago

I don't know of Chris G can get Morrigan on the other side of him lol

NovusTerminus2509d ago

Can Capcom patch it? I thought they pulled the game off PSN / XBL due to losing the copyright for Marvel products?

majiebeast2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Funny thing is, the Galactus hack isn't the worst. Its actually the alt costume of Magneto that can cause them legal trouble, with the Spanish royal family.

Dudebro902509d ago

They will fix it in the upcoming marvel vs capcom 3 ultimate extreme hyper directors cut for $14.99

On topic: At least if you get destroyed online its from the most powerful villain from Marvel. You shouldn't feel bad.

crusf2509d ago

I like how he's all confident in owning him but when Galactus shows up he's like "Oh Shit"

Haki11122509d ago

Well if Galactus showed up at your door you would be like "oh shit" too lmao

theRell2509d ago

This game is completely broke now. After the discovery of how to use 3 of the same characters, it was over. It won't get patched, it needs to die.

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