I Will Never Forgive Capcom For Killing Amingo In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Kotaku: “Amingo was an original character introduced in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. He was part of a gentle race of plant people. He was good and he was my friend. Capcom killed Amingo in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and I will never forgive it.“

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MTVBG936d ago

If they hadn't got rid of Amingo then Kotaku would instead be writing screeching articles about how Amingo is an example of cultural appropriation and racism.

And I fucking dare any of them to deny it.

Magatsuhi936d ago

I read the article, I don't think the author is upset over what you think he is. He says that amingo was the very reason he tried other wacky characters and he liked his backstory. Nothing wrong with that but yeah opinion piece about an unpopular character.

MTVBG936d ago

Oh yeah, I got that from the article.

But *if* they still had a character in MVC that was a cactus wearing a sombrero called Amingo (which I always assumed was amigo + gringo, but I may be wrong), I'm pretty damn sure Kotaku and other publications of their ilk would be calling for its removal on cultural appropriation grounds. That's what I was saying.

I probably should have been a bit more positive and pointed out that the article was kinda a sweet read. But Kotaku - and this writer, specifically - publish cowardly, wrong-headed trash so often that I jumped immediately to cynicism and hypothetical negatives.

Vanfernal936d ago

An unpopular character from a game 20 years ago did not return for for a game that's almost a decade old except for a cameo and of course Kotaku got offended by this...