FunCom Nerfs Big Boobage in Age of Conan?

The Age of Conan forums are aflame with complaints that FunCom has nerfed female characters with big boobages in the game. Some players are even threatening to close their accounts if this unwanted breast reduction nerf isn't rolled back. Was FunCom trying to make its female population more perky or are they really against avatars having super awesome big bewbage? Stay tuned!

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Bob Dole4989d ago

Bob Dole likes super-big-bewbage. It makes him happy.

thesummerofgeorge4988d ago

Boobs are dominating the hot stories... Go figure.

Pain4988d ago

what a lame reason to play.

dragunrising4988d ago

I like boobs as much as the next guy (maybe more) but what is the big deal? Jiggles aren't that pretty to look at in games anyway. The real thing is much better.

Kakkoii4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

It's not about the boobs in general.

It's about the fact that peoples personally customized characters were changed without notice or consent.

What, if it was a hair nerf, or a foot nerf, or a face nerf it becomes valid? But if it's boobs it's no longer a valid reason to complain?

Stop looking at it as a sexual matter, and start looking at it as a personal choice matter. You can't suddenly change peoples personal creations.

Yes of course it's partly a sexual matter to many people, but that's their choice. You can't hate on people for their personal preferences. That's like a heavy metal fan going to a classical music concert and telling everyone the music sucks and that they need to f$ck off.

DarkArcani4988d ago

it is quite funny. The 18yr. old complains about how the boobs were nerfed and how they hot saggier. quite entertaining to say the least.

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The story is too old to be commented.