Watch Dogs Early Impressions

From Vault of the Gameverse:

"After nearly twenty hours, the first thing I want to say is that Watch Dogs is my new most absolute favorite game ever. I have a lot of favorites but this one is my newest #1. Bumped up the list topping Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Alan Wake, Alice: Madness Returns, the Batman: Arkham games, even Beyond: Two Souls and more."

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TheUberAsian3402d ago

First impression To Me: This game has some very weird controls to it on the ps4!

SuperBlunt3402d ago

if you played ass creed you should feel fairly familiar but i agree they are unique. Game is incredible doh

Ken853401d ago

Bubbling for "Ass Creed"

Redrum0593401d ago

Has anyone else here suffered from the freezing @ 90% loading screen.?
I need help with this dilemma

Germaximus3401d ago

Try changing the Texture option under Display to Medium and then go from there.

forager3402d ago

Im a bit on the edge on whether or not to get the game, my concerns are the repetitive missions?
Is this game worth buying?

moomoo3193402d ago

yes it is far from repititive there is so much content and most of it occurs naturally in the city. potential crimes, robbers, purse snatchers, 4 types of contracts, online hacking, gang hideouts, 14 ctos towers to infiltrate and hack. This game is truly unique and one of the best ive played.

forager3402d ago

Awesome sounds great! Then whats with all the hate?

moomoo3193401d ago


I dont know its silly and pretty frustrating

SuperBlunt3402d ago

I literally cannot explain why people hate this game. i think its cause it doesnt look as pristine as the e3 2012 reveal. On ps4 its about 85% there during the night with rain

forager3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

but overall it looks good right? And last question, is the city saturated with NPCs or does it seem empty..?

Shakengandulf3401d ago

@ forager
The city is far from empty, lots of NPC.

SuperBlunt3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

its crazy full of people and cars and it looks very good for an open world game imo

Audiggity3402d ago

Hey forager,

From what I can gather - the "hate" is from a mixture of things as you read between the lines:

1. People's expectations were insanely high, to the point at which any game would be considered a let down

2. Those complaining about the repetition of the game don't realize that THEY are the limiting factor here. There's so much to do (as moomoo319 mentioned) that it's almost overwhelming... so, these people are either scared of change or* are too close-minded to appreciate just about any open world game.

3. Clickbait - plain and simple. People are actively researching Watch Dogs, so the negative reviews in some cases are clearly to drive traffic/ad revenue. (Some of the mixed reviews were so poorly written they should have just put up 6.5/10 to spike impressions and left the write-up out of it). Kind of sad really that they have to rely on cheap-shots instead of quality content.

Of course, just like the aforementioned hate, these are just my opinions. No game will appeal to everyone.

But this is easily worth $60 IMO, buying the Season Pass tonight in fact.

Germaximus3401d ago

The hate is probably from all of the PC issues. It's super broken on PC.

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Fasttrack763402d ago

Love it love it love it, enough said.

bienio3402d ago

Im happy with Watch Dogs. I got what I expected, gameplay is fun and demanding..So 9/10 Easy:)

zeeman3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Got it. love it. not sleeping enough. Dont hate it. bye.

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Watch Dogs Deserves A Remake, More Than Ever

With the world of information and technology, privacy and security growing every day, Watch Dogs deserves another chance in the spotlight, now more than ever.

RaidenBlack787d ago

The only Ubi title that deserves a faithful remake right now is Splinter Cell 1.
All 2014+ Ubi titles are just underwhelming. Especially ones from 2016+ are just cancer.

LucasRuinedChildhood787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

Seriously, are we so far removed from Ubisoft actually making good games that people now praise Watch_Dogs in retrospect?

"Watch_Dogs has remained one of my favourite games of the last ten years." Jesus Christ.

HankHill787d ago

I remember being so disappointed in Watch Dogs when I played it at release. It was alright, but I think I fell for the hype and I needed a game to play on my new PS4.

obidanshinobi787d ago

This is what happens when mediocrity gets praised as good.
Standards are slipping across the whole entertainment industry.
What was once considering rubbish is now considered as OK, what once was OK is now being praised as good etc etc.

LamerTamer786d ago

Everyone has their own likes. I liked it a lot myself. I played through it twice and liked the car chases and the open world with fairly decent environments and missions. It suffered from the whole downgrade thing where they showed graphics that weren't actually there. No game will appeal to everyone but it was still ambitious for it's time.