PS3 downscales 720p games instead up upscaling to 1080i

As final PlayStation 3 units continue to trickle into more and more hands, additional details about how the system works and what it can and can't do are hitting the web. The latest (rather major) tidbit is how the console treats the upscaling and downscaling of 720p titles on televisions that don't support that resolution -- specifically those that are only 1080i capable.

As it turns out, gamers who own older HD sets that feature only 480i, 480p, and 1080i resolution input capabilities will have to settle for the display quality being downsized as the game boots in its 480p mode rather than upscaling the image from its more desirable 720p mode to the TV's 1080i. IGN tested this development on older HDTV sets with games designed for 720p but not 1080i -- Resistance: Fall of Man, NHL 2K7, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, and Need for Speed Carbon. Sure enough, the system downshifted all four titles to 480p rather than moving up to 1080i.

The PlayStation 3's competitor, Microsoft's Xbox 360, does upscale 720p games to 1080i if the HD set supports the latter resolution but not the in-between and commonly-employed 720p resolution.

ElementX6228d ago (Edited 6228d ago )

My first "Submission"! Go me!

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Dick Jones6228d ago

Over 200 titles not backwards compatible and now this? Didn't people learn from Sony's past hardware launches with DRE and dead pixels, not to mention complete brick systems. Whatever, rich lazy ebayers deserve this.

ElementX6227d ago

Can you disagree with this being my first news submission? IT IS! Geez, you must be a Sony fan or something. Truth is, this IS my first submission and for now, 360 IS better. I'll get a PS3 in a year or so, so don't go calling me a fanboy, even though I do like MS.

BIadestarX6228d ago

wow, you beat me by 30 seconds.... I posted this article and then realised you did.

ElementX6228d ago

hehe. I figured someone would've posted by now and was surprised to find nobody had. :)

marionz6228d ago

again sonys getting busted! good post ElementX ;D

wildcat6228d ago (Edited 6228d ago )

there are a lot of news being posted for PS3 by XBOX fans. it doesn't add up. Why are they searching for PS3 news, if they don't like sony. BASHERS! lol

BIadestarX6228d ago

well, because Sony fanboys will never post bad news about they beloved console. If we don't do it, then who will? Besides, since Sony do not have the balls to anounce it themselves and people are starting to find Sony's little secrets, it is good that some people posted here for everyone to see it. We call it, "The Great Wall of Shame"

marionz6228d ago

ITS NEWS, get over it! yes i support xbox, i supported sony once upon a time, and to anyone who is going to buy a ps3 they should know the facts! sony bashing? if you say so, but ive had to deal with consoles that suffer because of sonys lies of the past, im surprised anyone supports them considering all the lies they spit out, sony are spinners and if fanboys wont admit that then somebody should

wildcat6228d ago (Edited 6228d ago )

why do you make it your prerogative to post news about sony when you claim that you hate Sony so much. Some of us still trust them to make good products. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean you're right. Look, I know this is not good news, but how come it's mostly the 360 people who have to be so loud and have like 4 of you guys who hurry to post the same news, just because it's one less point from sony.Let microsoft fight their own war. Vice Versa.

marionz6228d ago

hear that everybody stop posting bad news about sony goku is getting upset, man az if no sony fanboy rushes to post bad 360 news jeez

ElementX6228d ago

I have stated in numerous posts that I will buy a PS3 sometime, but not anytime soon. I go to another website and they give me all the news on one page. I just read PS3 and 360 news. I'm not bashing PS3. I prefer 360 but the PS3 has potential.

testerg356228d ago

What does it matter who posts it? So it would be good if people didn't know about this?

wildcat6227d ago

that someone has to post the bad news or else it would just be too bias. But it's the way that you guys celebrate bad news for sony and just start crowning the 360 right and left. yeah some of you are getting ps3s and whatever, but then why are you so happy for bad news from sony?

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