Nintendo Officially Announces Pushmo World for the West & Will Hold a Special Price Promotion Event

Special price promotions for Pushmo and Crashmo on Nintendo 3DS.

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meganick3287d ago

Is this a port or is it new?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Pushmo you push box into places
Crashmo you drop them to make stairs
Pushmo World you pull boxes from the wall

mikel10153287d ago

But...but.. Nintendo doesn't make new IP's unless they're AAA blockbuster multimillion dollar games

for we are many3287d ago

Best news today! The 3DS Pushmo/Crashmo had high quality, uniquely cute atmosphere and the gameplay was excellent and addictive. It'll be also released rather soon on Wii U (in 3 weeks), Nintendo is very good at keeping games secret until close to launch and I love it! now bring more surprises in the Digital Event at e3!!